2021 Marketing Strategies 

marketing strategy graphic

It’s that time of year again.

With the holidays over, time is slowing down and moving like molasses. And rather than Mardi Gras season excitement in the air, we’re still stuck with COVID in the air…

But as cliché as it may seem, the new year presents new opportunities.

2020 has changed our world and the way we do business… potentially forever. 

And so, your marketing strategies should look a lot different than they did at the beginning of last year. These four marketing strategies can help your business get off on the right foot this year:

1.) Launch a new product

Starting off the year can be an incredible time to launch a new product. 

Strategically promoting the new product alongside your holiday offerings/sales is one option that usually works quite well. 

The launch can be even more successful if it somehow ties into the time of year or a type of product that’s popular in the first quarter of the year (e.g.,winter season, self care items, New Year’s resolutions, fitness, etc.).

2.) Release a New Year’s deal

Use the New Year vibe to throw out some really enticing discounts. You go all out for Black Friday and Christmas, but not much effort is put into New Year’s deals. This could be a huge missed opportunity that gives you an edge and an advantage over the competition.

 3.) Focus your copy and content on self care

Given that a good percentage of people are still holding true to their New Year’s resolutions, now is a great time to gear your content towards self care. 

We all need some time to focus on ourselves a bit. Positioning your products as self care items and providing resources and articles on promoting mental and emotional health can be extremely effective.

When your customers see that you value their well beings, they’ll feel better about buying your products or services.

4.) Create a feedback system

Receiving feedback from your customers is one of the building blocks to creating a successful company. You need to know how your customers feel, where your weaknesses are (if there are any), and where you can improve. 

Reach out to past customers and get their thoughts and concerns. You can ask for general feedback or compile a list of pointed questions to get a better census and understanding of your customers’ experiences. 

Ask questions like: “Were you satisfied with your delivery time?” or “How long have you owned your product, and how often do you use it?”

Implementing just one of these tips can make all the difference this year. Really focusing on your customers and adapting to what their new needs are will set you apart from the competition. 

At Bizzuka, we understand that adjusting to these changes has not been easy. We’re learning as we go just like everyone else. To keep up with the latest information on marketing during COVID-19, check out our blog.