5 Content Marketing Trends to Hop on This Year 

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Content marketing is an exceptional way to engage new people and drive them to your website.

Just one valuable post or email is all it takes for a casual visitor to become your next customer–for life.

As technology evolves and consumer habits/needs change, your jaw-dropping content strategies have to adjust alongside those changes. 

This is especially true during COVID.

You must have a proper content strategy in place to overcome the pandemic and any other curve balls 2021 may throw at us.

These five content marketing trends will help you do just that:

1. Creating Engaging Video Content 

Nowadays, people don’t really enjoy reading as much as they used to. The “why read the book when I can just watch the movie” mentality has become commonplace.

We’re in the age of streaming–the reign of Netflix and Hulu.

That being said, consumers are looking for more video content from businesses.

As crazy as it seems, this could be the trigger that causes someone to leave your website and never come back–to forget you even exist. Poof. Just like that.

Fortunately, creating and adding high-quality video content to your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. You don’t have to be Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg. You’re not trying to enter Sundance.

The simplest and most effective route is to repurpose an existing blog post. Just introduce a new spin on the topic or updated statistics, and boom… You have a highly valuable video that’ll keep a large portion of potential customers engaged.

Post this video across your social media accounts and update your blog by embedding the link to your video. Having options for users to choose how they consume your content directly translates to more traffic, more click-throughs, and more conversions. That’s more money in your pocket to fund your next big video.

 2. Using Voice Search to Increase Your Visibility

The use of voice search in a consumer’s everyday life is becoming more and more prominent. Investing in it now can help you maximize your benefits.

Voice search makes it easier for your customers to find your website. The easier it is to find you, the more likely they are to read your blogs, click through your website, and purchase a product.

So how do you get more traffic with voice search? The answer is simple:

Long-tail keywords.

The way we type and the way we speak are oftentimes quite different. You need to think beyond what your customers are typing into the search bar and consider what they might ask their Amazon and Alexa to find you.

Google’s Keyword Planner is a very helpful tool when it comes to discovering the keywords that are most relevant for your business.

 3. Showcasing User-Generated Content 

User-generated content can be a video, email, or social media post from a customer that promotes your brand or a specific product/service you offer. This kind of content is rather easy to compile and helps drastically in building positive and trustworthy social proof. 

When people are unsure of how to act in a given situation, they will look to others to guide their response.

How many times have you looked up reviews for a company, or even a specific product or service, before purchasing anything?

For me, I look up Amazon reviews before I buy anything new. That’s why having a testimonials page or a success stories page filled with real, positive feedback can be extremely beneficial.

Gathering social proof isn’t too difficult either.

You can reach out to past clients and ask for feedback or review your social media and blog post comments.

You can even create user-generated content and brand awareness at the same time by hosting social media events with prizes. Customers that post pictures and videos on their social media of them using your product can be entered to win a giveaway.

 4. Catering to the Bottom of the Funnel 

Most businesses don’t publish enough content that caters to the bottom of their sales funnels. This type of content is more sales-ly than the top, because these consumers are at the point in their buyers’ journeys where they’re ready to buy. They need to be convinced that your product is the answer to their problem and is the superior choice.

You do this by showing them the transformation. Show them how buying your product or service will resolve their pain points and transform their lives for the better.

Personalized content for the bottom of the funnel offers you the chance to overcome any common objections and prove your product is superior.

 5. Hosting Live Events 

Thanks to the pandemic, several businesses have shifted to live events online. From webinars to Ask Me Anything events and live chats, these events have drastically increased in popularity.

In fact, you could probably go on your social media account right now and discover dozens of live events happening soon with hundreds of attendees.

While these events are easy enough to bring in a solid audience, you have to bring real value to your viewers in order to sell your product. 

On top of that, a vital key you mustn’t overlook is allowing your viewers to ask questions at the end. This is paramount. It will help you engage with your potential customers and give you the chance to look at those genuinely interested in your brand.

Having a better understanding of who is actually interested in your products and services will allow you to build a better, more accurate buyer persona.

These five content marketing trends are just a handful of growing opportunities. When you’re sitting down to plan your content strategy for the month or for the rest of the year, keep these bad boys in mind.

They can be the very thing that improves your strategy and allows your customers to have the best experience and interaction with your business. For more content marketing trends and tips, head on over to the Bizzuka blog!