6 Benefits of Travel Agency Software 

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Travel agency software doesn’t just benefit the end user–it benefits travel agents as well.

In fact, booking and accounting software can be used to simplify travel planning for clients, as well as streamline routine and increase efficiency for agents.

Here are 6 ways that both parties can benefit from travel agency software.

For agents

Contrary to popular belief, there’s much more to a travel agent’s job description than finding and organizing tours. They must also juggle and coordinate travelers’ accommodation, insurance, transportation, and routes. 

Not only that, but they’re expected to be knowledgeable about available activities at the desired destination, as well as manage and resolve any possible complaints and conflicts.

Given such a broad scope of work, travel agents need a software that can offer the following benefits:  

1. Easily accessible data

These days, most travel agents are already using programs and tables to store client data. 

However, they need a software dashboard that can present all client data, tour history, reservations, and any other important info at the tips of their fingers–without the need to look it up somewhere else. Travel agent software can be custom-built to do just that.

2. Customizability

Arguably one of the most essential features of travel agency software is its customizability. In this industry in particular, having software that’s easily adjustable and user-friendly is critical because agents are constantly modifying client information.

Agents must also be able to notify clients about these updates in real time without having to reach out to them individually or take the time to edit printed materials like travel brochures. This is where travel agency software really shines.

3. Saving resources

Constantly changing travel brochures and other paper materials results in a huge waste (especially with the cost of ink these days!). Time is another valuable resource saved by travel agency software, in that it reduces the need to call each client after every change. Instead, everyone using the software is able to be reached through the system via notifications or messages.

For travelers

Integrations are key when it comes to travel planning software. Integrating hotel booking and flight services with popular route building tools simplifies the vacation planning process for travelers, and offers many other advantages:

1. Comparing alternatives with ease

Travelers who prioritize cost savings appreciate the ability of travel agency software to easily compare different agency propositions with ease. Being able to view all available options at once without having to call or visit each agency is a game-changer. 

2. Gathering info from home

After 2020, we all become spoiled by automated services and doing everything from home. While most people have resumed their normal, pre-COVID lives, we still appreciate the ability to do things from home, and in-person visits to travel agencies remain low. Instead, most people are booking their travels from the comfort of their own homes, outside the constraints of travel agency working hours.

3. No more pushy salespeople

Another benefit to using travel agency software at home is the fact that travelers get to avoid uncomfortable interactions with pushy salespeople. The anxiety caused by these interactions results in little time for customers to think clearly about the decisions they want to make, and creating rushed decisions. 

With travel agency software, customers can book their desired tours and accommodations without having to worry about being upsold or pressured into anything.

There are endless benefits to using travel agency software–both for the travel agent and the traveler. At Bizzuka, our experienced software developers are ready and willing to help you craft custom software that meets your travel agency needs. 

Our software is flexible, scalable, and carefully crafted to adapt to your ever-changing business. 

We also offer various levels of customer support and carry with us 20 years’ worth of experience. Not only that, but we’re experienced in various industries and happy to provide references and explain the development process to you in terms that are easy to understand. 

Don’t know where to start? We do. Schedule your free workflow consultation with Bizzuka today!