Create a 2,500 Word eBook & Complete Marketing Funnel in Under an Hour...

Using Our Dynamic Prompt Sequencing Framework for ChatGPT and DALL-e


The 60-Minute Ebook and Funnel Blueprint

Build a Comprehensive Ebook and Complete Marketing Funnel in Under an Hour with ChatGPT 

  • Build a complete eBook funnel in under an hour using ChatGPT and DALL-e.
  • Learn how to train ChatGPT to create masterful content in your own unique style and voice.
  • Turn mediocre AI content into stunningly effective, direct-response copy using our unique framework.
  • Create LinkedIn promotional posts without sounding like a generic ChatGPT-generated message.
  • Effortlessly create the email nurture sequence that keeps your audience engaged.
  • Master the art of creating compelling social media posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Construct ChatGPT prompts that consistently produce high-quality copy. 

Generate brilliant copy with our advanced training.

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Dive into the world of AI-generated copywriting and learn how to make ChatGPT work for you. Discover techniques that will have your content converting like never before!

In this module, you'll master:

Basic Prompting Techniques

  • Zero-Shot Prompts: Generate compelling copy without any examples
  • Open-Ended Prompts: Unleash your AI's creative potential
  • Context-Driven Prompts: Craft copy that adapts seamlessly to any situation
  • Output and Interaction-Based Prompts: Engage and interact with your AI for more refined results
  • Reasoning and Problem-Solving Prompts: Make your AI think critically and solve challenges

Intermediate Prompting Techniques

  • One-Shot Prompts: Achieve better results with just one example
  • Specific Prompts: Give your AI clear directions for laser-focused content
  • Conversational Prompts: Make your copy sound natural and engaging
  • Negative Prompts: Discover how to avoid unwanted outcomes

Advanced Prompting Techniques

  • Few-Shot Prompts: Train your AI with minimal examples for maximum impact
  • Step-by-Step Prompts: Guide your AI through complex tasks with ease
  • InstructGPT Prompts: Leverage the power of instruction-based prompts for stunning results
  • Iterative Prompts: Refine your copy through continuous improvement