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5 Steps to Higher Website Conversion Rates

Your website conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who actually make a purchase. Increasing that rate can boost your sales dramatically, even without spending extra money to draw more traffic to your site. Here is a five-step process for…

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Website Design: Making Decisions with Data

Many businesses utilize website analytics to determine their site’s overall traffic and visitor count. Analytics can also include many other useful metrics — top ranking pages, popular landing pages, and visits from paid search and online advertising — data that…

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How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Generate Leads and Sales

LinkedIn Groups are not merely a place to have industry-related discussions with like-minded professionals. When used correctly, groups can also serve as a channel for business development. Here are five ways to use LinkedIn Groups to connect with others, create…

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Make PPC support your content and SEO campaigns

You want to bring buyers to your products, and you want to bring your products to the market. But now you're fighting a battle on two fronts. Intuition may tell you this means twice the work and twice the budget. A multi-channel strategy means uniting "demand generation" (SEO and content/social) and paid search (Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, usually Google AdWords). Think of this is a three-legged stool--much more reliable than the one-legged or two-legged variety. And no, it doesn't mean doubling your investment of time or money.

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Redesign With Search in Mind

Among decisions about design, content, and architecture, sometimes attention to the old website's search engine placement is neglected. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind for your next redesign.

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