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ADA Website Design

ADA Website Compliance Action Plan

If you have received an ADA demand letter from a law firm regarding ADA website design compliance, here are three steps you can take to put them on ice.

1. Consult with Your Legal Counsel

Get with your attorney, and then contact Bizzuka. We’ll be happy to review the situation and assess any remediation issues with you.

2. Reduce Exposure/Implement ADA Access Module

Bizzuka has entered into a unique partnership with AudioEye, a leading expert in ADA compliance and remediation. This partnership provides you with a proprietary and highly advanced ADA Accessibility Module.

Once installed, the module begins fixing accessibility issues on your website immediately. In most cases, over half of the issues with your site will be instantly addressed and cured.

After implementation, AudioEye and Bizzuka engineers will start testing your site, identifying and remediating issues, and validating they have been thoroughly resolved, with the goal of working towards complete compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

3. Respond to the Demand Letter

Once you implement the ADA Accessibility Module and it begins fixing your site, you should reply to the demand letter outlining your accessibility strategy. Your legal counsel should guide this process and include the following critical points stating that:

  • You are designing and/or modifying your website with complete Accessibility in mind;
  • Your goal is full compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA Guidelines;
  • You are engaging AudioEye, a third-party web accessibility company with certified professionals and accessibility-experienced assistive technology testers;
  • You are meeting the demands outlined in the letter, and you should also outline your goals to establish a long-term strategy for providing digital assets that are equally accessible and provide an optimal experience for all users, regardless of their abilities.)

These steps will help you respond to any claim of ADA Title III violations. Even if you have not received a letter, you must be proactive to prevent future litigation.

The websites Bizzuka creates and hosts for businesses using our ADA Accessibility Module will protect and enhance your public image. At the same time, this proactive stance will minimize the risk of accessibility litigation against your business.

For additional information, contact Bizzuka today.

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