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ADA-Compliant Website Design

Why You Should Make Your Website ADA Compliant

ADA compliance litigation is escalating rapidly and a lawsuit cannot only damage your reputation but also cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You may think making your business website accessible to people with disabilities is not all that important. (Tell that to the more than one billion people — 15% of the world’s population — who have some form of disability.)

However, recent lawsuits from advocacy groups and government crackdowns threaten massive fines, and accessibility compliance is now an imperative for many businesses. This is particularly the case for schools and universities, financial institutions, healthcare facilities and many state and local governmental entities.

Under Section 508 and Title III of the American Disabilities Act, if you are a state or local business serving the public, your website must be accessible to all users. If it is not, your business may face civil penalties of up to $55,000 for the first violation and $110,000 for any subsequent breach!

Also, in the last several years, courts nationwide have held companies financially liable for difficulties that persons with visual, physical or hearing impairments experience online.

To help our clients head off the possible ramifications of noncompliance, Bizzuka has partnered with AudioEye, a company that specializes in making digital environments accessible for people with disabilities.

Having your website ADA compliant is the law — and it’s being enforced!

Not being ADA compliant could expose your business to costly lawsuits, fines and damage to your public image. Bizzuka can help your business avoid ADA compliance lawsuits and provide a better online experience to all your visitors.

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