3 Advertising Best Practices You Must Know 

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Ads are everywhere, and consumers are less and less willing to put up with your ad interrupting their experience. 

You can’t walk down the street without seeing an ad. You can’t watch TV without seeing an ad. You can’t browse the Internet without seeing an ad. The rise of mobile technology and social media has only made it worse—ads are everywhere.

But the question is: Are these ads even working?

Maybe not as well as you think (or hope). These days, people will pay monthly for subscription services just to avoid ads. Clearly, no one wants to be interrupted with commercials or advertisements!

Consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated at avoiding ads altogether—and marketers need to take note of these advertising best practices if they want their messages heard above the noise.

Active listening

What are your customers telling you? Are you actively listening to them and incorporating their feedback? 

If you’re not actively listening to your customers, how can you possibly know what they want? The most successful brands are always looking for ways to improve their products, services, and marketing efforts. 

They use customer feedback and surveys to find out what people like and don’t like, what they want more of and less of, how they feel about certain aspects of your brand, and whether or not there are any opportunities for improvement. Then, they incorporate this feedback into their next campaign.

Active listening also includes tracking consumer behavior across all channels—websites, social media platforms and apps—so that you can better understand their preferences. For example, tracking your engagement using Instagram Insights will tell you which form of content your audience likes best: stories, photos, or reels.

Being flexible

Consumers have varying preferences at different points in time, making flexibility and adaptability key to effective listening. 

This really became apparent after 2020. The difference in ad strategies from 2019 to now is immense, and business owners that survived the pandemic did so by adapting. For example, when consumers started to demand more transparency from companies, many brands made their values very clear when standing for social justice. 

Being adaptable in advertising not only means following your consumers to their favorite platforms, but also being willing to change how you advertise on those platforms. For example, some brands that were previously successful with standard banner ads saw them become less effective after 2020. The same applies to your message, it needs to adapt as society’s values change.


Hiring a marketing agency to do your advertising for you can be a great idea if you want to focus on other parts of your business. Marketing agencies can help you create effective ads that will resonate with your audience, while you get back to doing what you do best–running your company. 

Certain marketing agencies, like Bizzuka, are also able to help you with other aspects of your digital marketing strategy, such as SEO and social media management. We follow all the advertising best practices, ensuring that everything is working together as one cohesive unit so that you get results fast. Contact us today to schedule your free 45-minute strategy call!