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These prompt bundles that are your fast-track pass to AI marketing mastery

Each prompt bundle comes with our Notion Prompt Database template and is specifically tailored to give you a massive head start in reaching your desired level of mastery.

AI Quick Start

The AI Quick Start bundle equips you with essential tools for crafting compelling pitches, automating emails, and analyzing text. Ideal for marketers who aren't beginners, but want to get started using more advanced AI prompting strategies and techniques. You'll learn the basics of Dynamic Prompt Sequencing and Prompt Stacking for more effective and scalable prompting.

Marketing Essentials

The Marketing Essentials bundle not only includes all the Quick Start prompts but also offers specialized tools for product analysis, sales funnel creation, and customer research. Perfect for marketers seeking a robust, all-in-one, ramp-up package.

Advanced Marketer

The Advanced Marketer bundle encompasses everything from Quick Start and Marketing Essentials, plus high-level tools for campaign strategy, SEO, and conversion optimization. A must-have for marketers striving to scale excellence across the organization at a faster pace.

AI Marketing Mastery

The AI Marketing Mastery bundle exclusively for members of our OPTICS™ AI Certified Mastermind program. This annual membership includes access to all of our advanced prompt chains and recipes, plus bi-weekly updates to prompts. You'll also get access to all of the new prompts we create, and you'll even be able to request prompts to help you level up your AI marketing game. In this private AI Mastery group, you'll be notified of database updates in real-time. This is for marketers committed to staying ahead of the curve. 

Get our advanced marketing prompts to accelerate profits and efficiency

Quick Start

When you're ready to move beyond AI novelty prompts


  • Notion template for storing & managing prompts
  • Analyze a transcript and write a follow-up email
  • Follow-up email after a meeting
  • 1-sentence elevator pitch/dialog
  • Email for meeting request
  • Event announcement email
  • Identify target customer profile
  • Job posting analysis and rewrite
  • Create a Twitter thread summary
  • PLUS over 20 more!

Marketing Essentials

For marketers who want more powerful AI assistance



  • All Quick Start Prompts, plus...
  • Analyze a PRODUCT for CONTEXT & STYLE
  • Analyze a URL for keyword researchBlog post title generator
  • Create a LinkedIn post
  • Create a sales funnel
  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Email A/B testing
  • Identify key customer pain points
  • Product feature list
  • Social media post generator
  • Plus 15 more!

Advanced Marketer

An advanced set of scalable prompts for brand building



  • All Quick Start and Marketing Essentials prompts, plus...
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Create an advertising campaign
  • Create SEO metadata
  • Long-form sales page copy
  • Price elasticity analysis
  • Referral program outline
  • Run a SWOT analysis
  • Create a conversion-focused landing page
  • Write a press release
  • Plus over 20 additional advanced prompts!
  • FREE BONUS: Our 60-Minute Ebook and Funnel Blueprint training (a $347 value)

AI Marketing Mastery

Our entire prompt database along with monthly updates


  • All Quick Start, Marketing Essentials, and Advanced Marketer prompts, plus...
  • Analyze Sales Page and create Order form
  • Blog post content planner
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Advanced brand voice parameters
  • Market segmentation analysis
  • Buyer Persona development and summary
  • Profit Accelerator Blueprint
  • Lead Magnet Generator
  • Idea generator for upsells, cross-sells, and offers
  • Plus over 15 advanced prompt chains!
  • Continual updates and additions to all prompt libraries
  • 12-month membership in our exclusive OPTICS™ AI Certified Mastermind