Unlock the Power of ChatGPT Without Losing Your Brand Voice

Uncover the DNA of your brand voice, and rapidly scale content creation throughout your organization. 

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lost your voice in ai?

You're not alone.

We understand how deeply you care about your brand voice. It's more than just words – it's the essence, the personality of the brand you’ve nurtured. 

But let's face it, whether you're an author, a business owner, or an agency trying to maintain brand voice for your clients...

Trying to get ChatGPT to write in your unique voice is like trying to keep a colicky baby quiet in church. 

Until now.

Introducing our newest training:

How to Extract and Apply
Brand Voice DNA™ in ChatGPT

Inject Your Brand Voice into ChatGPT-Generated Content

Your brand voice is akin to a signature; it's what sets you apart.

We know how vital it is to keep it consistent across all content, all channels, and all publishers. 

But when it comes to AI-generated copywriting, it's hard to keep AI from sounding so obviously "A" no matter how much "I" it has. 

That's because ChatGPT can't write in your style... unless you know how to teach it. 

So how exactly do you do that?

Unlock Your Brand Voice with Advanced ChatGPT Prompting

ChatGPT is good if you want to write copy.

But when you know our advanced prompting techniques, you can train ChatGPT how to write great copy.

And you can teach it how to write like you do.
You just need the right tools and training.

This is a specialized training meticulously designed to ensure your AI-generated content emulates your brand’s or author’s personality.

The key lies in our unique prompting process.

A Unique Brand Voice DNA™ Extraction Process 

Our unique process analyzes your brand's voice across 40+ distinct variables – from tone and language nuances to the subtleties that make your brand, well, your brand.

It's about understanding the brand voice DNA - the style, tone, and sound of your voice as you communicate in various forms like social posts, emails, videos, and press releases.

By providing ChatGPT with your unique style variables, you'll be able to create great copy that emulates your brand voice with precision.

And you'll be able to crank out copy across your organization with consistency in voice and blazing speed, regardless of who's publishing the content.

see what others have to say

You're in good company

I just finished module 3 and am blown away by both the quantity and quality of what can be created in such a small amount of time. As 1 person handling marketing for our company (3 companies, really), this is beyond a game changer!

Brett C // Legal Marketing

The course was excellent!
I see tremendous potential to produce a lot of quality content, and I see getting some foundational pieces set up to where they’re basically copy and paste inputs as key.

Kris P // Non-Profit

I've been and received coaching in many different areas before, but for me, John is in the top 5. The knowledge and the depth of research that him and his team have done is absolutely phenomenal.

Adam H // Consultant

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  • Learn how to analyze brand voice across blogs, videos, emails, and social posts.
  • Understand the 40+ parameters
  • Learn use case adjustments
  • Accelerate content production
  • Dramatically reduce edits

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like the results you get from either the training or our custom implementation, just get in touch with our friendly support team. We'll either help you out until you get the results you need, or we'll give you a swift refund.

Hi, I'm John Munsell

ceo at Bizzuka

John Munsell is an accomplished marketing professional with a 25-year background in direct-response copywriting, digital marketing, and generative AI. He has also overseen the UI/UX development of dozens of web and mobile applications.

John specializes in helping businesses expand their client lists, scale revenue, and reduce operating expenses through a variety of services, including Fractional CMO, group coaching, AI Prompt Optimization training, and online workshops. His unique approach harnesses AI tools like ChatGPT and automated lead-generation systems to turn ordinary in-house marketing teams into top-performers who consistently exceed growth targets.

John collaborates with a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, clinics, ISPs, MSPs, SaaS providers, general practitioners, and CPG brands.


How long does this process take and how does it work?

That really depends on how many writing samples are involved. The more samples, the more accurate the analysis. The key is to analyze an appropriate amount of copy, and then test out the writing style after the variables and parameters have been established. The fine-tuning process could take seconds, or it could take much longer. But once you have the author's or brand DNA established, content creation just boils down to your prompting process. You would simply start the ChatGPT conversation by establishing the style and context parameters which define your voice, then you proceed with your content creation prompts. We walk you through several examples in the training.

How do I know this will work?

The one thing we know about ChatGPT and all other generative AI models, is that they're changing seemingly faster than the speed of light. Right now, we've identified 35 levers that allow you to completely fine-tune the copy generated by ChatGPT to almost perfectly match your style and voice. Will that change in the future? My guess is yes, but we'll let you know when we've identified new parameters or new adjustments. You can subscribe to our updates, if you wish. That way you'll be sure to know when a change does occur.

Will this make my content mistake-free?

As a generative AI model, we know that as of June 2023, ChatGPT isn't exactly perfect when it comes to grammar, so we recommend using a tool like Grammarly to proof your work in real time.  Will ChatGPT still go off the rails and say something stupid? Sure. But that's why it's important to provide context to your prompts, so ChatGPT not only knows how to say it, but it has a better idea of what to say.

Will this process work 100% of the time?

ChatGPT seems to be changing daily, so there may be days where the prompt gets the style down,  but the content ChatGPT creates is a little wonky. In those cases, follow up prompts may be necessary to bring ChatGPT back into alignment. There may also be a future release of ChatGPT that renders the DNA prompt less than accurate. We're constantly monitoring and evolving all of our prompts to get the best possible output, so if a future release of ChatGPT does blow things up a bit, we highly recommend you subscribe to our prompt update service.