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The first step in this program is to master our AI Strategy Canvas™ framework and our Scalable Prompt Engineering™ formula for creating masterful prompts. You'll join our 6-week accelerated AI Mastery training that will teach you how to strategically build and scale your usage of generative AI tools across all marketing functions, from establishing frameworks and guidelines to utilizing AI for graphics, data analysis, and goal setting with your team.

Soon, you'll be experiencing our hands-on workshops, office hours, and prompt engineering sessions to help you master prompt structure and sequencing for consistent brand voice and complex tasks. 

Each week builds on the previous to ensure you leave fully equipped to align your team and maximize marketing performance with artificial intelligence.

Just select your preferred payment option and method, and we'll immediately email you instructions and start dates. We're excited to get you on board and look forward to giving you the tools you'll need to participate in our AI training program.