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5 Ways to Grow Conversion Rates from Email Marketing

If you want email to be an effective part of your marketing strategy, it’s not enough just to create messages that people read. To use email marketing successfully, you need to create campaigns that your audience will act on, turning readers into customers.

It’s nice when people open your emails, but what does it take to get them clicking? Here are five ways to create emails that will boost conversion rates and your business bottom line:

1. Use Subject Line Best Practices

Well-converting emails start with a standout subject line. The best subject lines are relevant and short, without any marks of spam. Your subject line should also promise what your email delivers.

An attention-grabbing line may get someone to open your email; but they will lose trust in your business if an email’s subject and contents aren’t consistent.

For a comprehensive best practices guide to subject lines see: How to Write Effective Subject Lines.

2. Make Your Copy Scannable

The second key to high-converting emails is simple: write copy that can quickly be scanned by the eyes of a reader. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your audience isn’t going to read every word you write. Realistically, you have only a few seconds to make it clear to a reader why they should become your newest customer.

How do you make scannable copy? Try breaking up your content using bold headers, creating bullet lists, and making sentences concise. Images are also quickly scannable, but if you use too many you risk overwhelming your viewer.

3. Keep Your Call to Action Simple

Email is one of the top-ranking platforms in terms of ROI, and one way capitalize on this is to include a call to action in your emails. Your calls to action should be straightforward and easy: straightforward in what you are offering and easy for recipients to click through.

If your calls to action aren’t working, perhaps it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Don’t keep sending emails that aren’t returning results. Track which emails experience successful click-through rates and which don’t using email marketing tools.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Another way to grow your conversion rates is to create a sense of urgency around what you are offering. What would motivate a reader to act on your call to action now?

Perhaps this sense of urgency is created with a special giveaway: “a free bonus gift for the first 50 responders.” Or maybe it’s a time-sensitive offer, expiring at midnight. No matter which approach you take, if you can offer immediate benefit to a potential customer, then your conversion rates will benefit too.

5. Triple-check for Errors

Proof reading for errors is just as important as other best practices of email marketing! If you have a spelling error or a bad link in your email you could end up losing both credibility and a ready customer. Double and triple check to ensure your copy is error-free and uses modest punctuation (keep the exclamation points and emoticons at a minimum).

Successful email marketing is about both staying top-of-mind with your customers and turning leads into sales. To create emails that drive business it’s not enough to send your email list a sales-pitch – your business has to have a conversion strategy in place that incorporates these five elements.

Megan Breckwoldt is a marketing consultant, specializing in strategies for small businesses. She is also the founder of Social Blueprint, which provides social media marketing resources for small businesses. 

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