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Bizzuka Partners with National Jeweler and Stuller to Create Jeweler Web Sites

Over the past several months, Bizzuka has been working on a project jointly developed with National Jeweler, a trade magazine covering the jewelry industry, and Stuller, one of the world’s leading jewelry manufacturers, to produce Web sites for independent jewelry retailers. The day has finally arrived when we’re able to announce the project and, already, jewelers are lining up to participate.

Growth in the jewelry industry over the past few years has largely been in the online retail sector, a space independent jewelers have yet to occupy with any degree of ubiquity. The goal of this project is too change that dynamic.

The National Jeweler, Bizzuka, Stuller mashup is a perfect trifecta that takes unique advantage of each participant’s core strengths:
Stuller provides the inventory – Thousands of Stuller products can be added to the site with the click of the mouse, including professional photography, descriptions, pricing using the Jeweler’s price multipliers and more. Discontinued items and out of stock items are automatically removed from the site.
Not only can jewelers mine Stuller’s exhaustive inventory, they can add their own as well. (In a later version of the software, inventory from other jewelry manufacturers will also be included.)
National Jeweler provides content – Over 200 articles directed toward the end-user covering the gamut from educational and technical topics to fashion and season advice.
Bizzuka provides the technology – Our content management system is the engine that makes it run.
How important is this to jewelers?
“Independent jewelry retailers are dead in the water,” says Patti Thompson, long-time Stuller customer and owner of Wayfil Jewelry in Tupelo, MS . “With profit margins shrinking over the past four years, we all know the future is in ecommerce.”
“I’ve been researching ecommerce and wanting to work with Stuller,” Thompson adds. “This partnership gives me the ability to do that. With Stuller behind it, I know it will work. This will be a major ‘wow’ for me!”
Patti, we hope it will be a “major wow” for a lot of independent jewelers. If you happen to be one and are interested in learning more, visit the new site, National Jeweler Network Customer Connects.


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