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Blogs and Email: A Marketing One-Two Knockout Punch

Blogs and Email - marketing One-two knockout punchI have long been an advocate of using blogs and email as complementary online marketing strategies. Blogs serve a customer acquisition function, while email serves a customer retention role. 
Due to their makeup, blogs also have special SEO appeal. (Someone once said the word “blog” stands for “Better Listings On Google.”) 
There are quite a number of ways blogs and email can play well together. Here are five:
1. Build lists – Incorporating the newsletter subscription form into your blog (on the sidebar) is a way for the relationship first established with the blog to extend into a deeper level of engagement with the company.
2. Use email to solicit blog content – By mentioning the company blog in the email newsletter, a bridge is created between the two. In addition, asking readers to submit suggestions for blog content, or even going so far as to invite readers to submit content (guest posts) will further reinforce the relationship.
3. Use old email content for blog content – Repurposing content that, while valuable, may be languishing in the email newsletter archive is one way to give it new life.
4. Use blog content for email newsletters – Years ago I made the statement that blogs are good “seedbeds” for idea germination that can be expanded on later or fleshed out for use in other forms, including email.
5. Use blogs to fill the gap between publication cycles – Something else to think about in terms of the relationship between blogs and email has to do with the number of times consumers are touched using either medium. 
For many companies, email newsletters are relegated to monthly syndication. That means the prospect or customer is only contacted 12 times per year, not nearly enough to establish a “top-of-mind” relationship. Even with weekly distribution, that still leaves six days out of the week when the customer does not hear from you. 
Blogs are a way to fill the gap, especially for customers who subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed. With regular posting, customers can be touched a manifold number of times.
Email is without peer as a tried-and-true marketing technique. Blogs have entered mainstream awareness to the degree they are no longer considered tangential. It’s becoming commonplace to see a blog associated with a company’s Web site. Since both are content-centric, they pair very well, so much so that I refer to them as a digital “peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” 
The bottom line is, when used in concert, blogs and email can serve up a marketing haymaker. I heartily encourage using both.
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