Closing User Friendly Thinking Radio After Nearly Two-Year Run. Thanks for the Memories!

After nearly a two-year run we have decided to shut down User Friendly Thinking radio.

That decision has not come easily. We’ve received good reviews of the show from veterans marketers, some of whom have their own Internet radio shows. We’ve been included on a couple of lists of best podcasts for social media and marketing. One fan even had this to say…

Twitter comment

While we appreciate the accolades and have truly enjoyed doing the show, two things didn’t happen that needed to:

  1. We never built a sizable audience. We had some faithful and loyal listeners to be sure, and we are very appreciative of each and every one. However, with few exceptions, the reach we hoped to achieve never materialized.
  2. Even more importantly, we never turned the show into a business development driver. To my knowledge, in the nearly two years the show ran, we never saw one new client come as a result. It was great for brand-building, but didn’t serve us in terms of ROI.

We were hoping to end the series today by going out with a bang too, as Internet celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk was to be our guest. Unfortunately, he had a last-minute change in schedule that prevented him being able to join us.

Even without Gary, we’ve had a strong roster of guests ranging from small business gurus like Anita Campbell and John Jantsch to well-known authors like Pam Slim to corporate executive such as Paul Dunayto industry thought-leaders and pundits like Shel Holtz and Robert Scoble. (And we had no shortage of guests to invite for upcoming episodes either.)

Our singular goal was to bring to the table the best and brightest thought-leaders we could find, knowledgeable people who were truly experts in their field, for the purpose of picking their brains as to best practices and practical advice to help small business. I believe we pulled that off and did so with aplomb.

But, there had to be something in it for Bizzuka and that’s where we fell short, at least in our own estimation.

So, with deep regret, we bring User Friendly Thinking to a close. We hope you’ve enjoyed the programs. They are archived on Blog Talk Radio and will be for the foreseeable future. We are also tossing around ideas for what else we can do with the content…perhaps a “best of” series or something like that.

We would love to hear your feedback. What did you think of the show? Did it serve a good purpose where your business was concerned? If we were to consider doing something similar to this in the future, what might we do differently?

Let me close by saying a hearty thank you to each of our many guests and especially to your our listeners. Thanks for the memories!