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Computer Manufacturer Dell to Run Bizzuka’s Recession Marketing Video Series on its Small Business Blog

February 16, 2009 – LAFAYETTE, LA – Bizzuka, Inc. (, a provider of component-based Web and intranet-based solutions, today announced the creation of a new videos series focused on helping small businesses utilize the Web as a cost-effective marketing channel. The new series is entitled Nine Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Dollars During the Recession.

“Today’s news is all about the economy and how we are in the worst recession since the Great Depression. We wanted to put a ‘recess’ to all the negativity and discuss some ways to use the Internet as a cost-effective marketing tool, not only during difficult times, but at any time,” said Bizzuka CEO John Munsell.

The video series contains interviews with some of the brightest minds in marketing today, including David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin, Ben McConnell, Ann Handley, Dave Evans, Todd Defren and David Alston. “These industry leaders understand the economic situation we face and were more than happy to share their insight, advice and opinion,” said Munsell.

Each video in the Nine Ways series takes only a few minutes to watch, the longest being less than six minutes. Topics include: Using the Web as a marketing tool, search engine optimization, customer service, niche marketing, word of mouth, content marketing, measuring ROI, content management and social media.

Bizzuka plans to give the content away with no strings attached. “No registration is required to view the videos and we don’t use them to make a marketing pitch,” said Bizzuka Internet marketing director Paul Chaney. “Our hope is that people will watch the videos, share them with friends and colleagues, and then put some of these ideas into action so their businesses can start growing again. We all need to pitch in if we’re to get this economy back on track. Providing this information is our way of giving back to our clients, agency partners and other marketing professionals and small business owners as well.”

To view the video series, go to:

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