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How to Leverage Social Networks for Oil & Gas Industry Recruiting

This is the third and final installment in a three-part series that looks at the oil & gas industry age gap and how to use social media to close it. In this post, we outline steps companies can take to utilize four leading social networks for recruiting.

Leverage LinkedIn

When it comes to conducting job searches, nearly half of all Millennials look for their next job on LinkedIn, a 29% increase from just a year ago.

LinkedIn offers several ways oil & gas companies can leverage the platform to find and connect with younger prospects.

Company Pages

Many oil & gas companies – including a number of Bizzuka clients – have LinkedIn Company Pages, which can include a Careers tab as an option. (Career tabs are part of LinkedIn’s “Talent Solutions” platform, discussed below.)

Company Pages are LinkedIn’s version of Facebook Pages that enable businesses to tell their story, feature products and services, and spotlight customer recommendations. LinkedIn members can follow the company so they see updates in their news feed, and can interact with companies via comments and likes.

Aside from the Careers tab, LinkedIn Company Pages provide routine updates to the news feed, which keep prospects apprised of activities taking place within the company that may positively influence their decision to pursue a career there.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups provide a place for oil & gas industry professionals to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.

A casual search reveals that there are more than 5,000 oil and gas industry LinkedIn Groups, 563 of which specifically focus on jobs. With this in mind, it makes sense to find and participate in relevant groups in order to build top of mind awareness, list job openings and attract passive talent.

Chronos Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industry recruitment firm, Chronos, sponsors a LinkedIn Group that numbers more than 57,000 members.

Statoil Energy Innovation

Some oil and gas firms have created their own groups for the purpose of sharing company information and attracting new hires, especially passive talent. One such company, Statoil, created a group called Energy Innovation, which boasts more than 49,600 members.

LinkedIn Search

Using relevant keywords, oil and gas companies can take advantage of LinkedIn Search to find qualified candidates, and then reach out to them using InMail, LinkedIn’s proprietary email platform.

Premium Recruiting Solutions

LinkedIn offers two premium options that companies could take advantage of.

LinkedIn Jobs

Employers can post job listings for a fee, which appear in the “Jobs” section of the website and as ads on LinkedIn user profile pages. The price for a single listing typically starts at $195.00.

LinkedIn automatically recommends jobs to the most qualified candidates and gives employers who use the service a list of 25 prospects that best fit the job description.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions is a recruiting platform that includes tools, which enable corporate recruiters to find, contact and nurture relationships with candidates. This service also enables Company Pages to include a Careers page.

Bizzuka LinkedIn Integration

Bizzuka clients can make use of a component that seamlessly integrates our content management system with LinkedIn.

The component enables websites powered by our CMS to add an “Apply with LinkedIn” button to the bottom of any online job application. When a job seeker is ready to apply for an opening, a simple click of the button allows the user to easily upload his or her résumé directly from LinkedIn.

Find Them on Facebook

With more than one billion members, Facebook is the largest social network in on the planet. As such, there is a good chance prospective employees already use the site.

While LinkedIn is all business, Facebook is a network designed for personal use. But that does not mean oil and gas companies should not establish a presence there.

There are at least six ways companies can take advantage of Facebook in order to recruit prospective employees, and Millennials in particular.

1. Create a Facebook Page, which users can “Like” to express affinity and receive updates in their newsfeed.

2. Include a careers app (tab) to enable candidates to find job listings.

3. Share the company’s culture and personality. Companies can highlight contributions to the community such as participation in fundraising events, show behind the scenes photos and videos, and showcase employees.

Oilfield services company Knight Oil Tools plays an active role in its community, as you can see in this post.

4. Use humor when appropriate. Updates don’t always have to be strictly about business. One of the reasons Facebook has become so popular is the fact it often contains humorous posts, something oil and gas property management company Island Operating obviously understands.

5. Routinely share pertinent company and industry information. Favor posts that address the needs and interests of those who visit the page, including jobseekers.

6. Add “Milestones” to share the company’s history. Bizzuka client, T. Baker Smith, uses Milestones to cite important dates such as this one celebrating 90 years of being in business.

Target via Twitter

Twitter is more of a news and information network than a “social” network. As such, it is important to post regular updates – including job announcements – several times per week.

Use appropriate hashtags to target the intended audience who may themselves be using Twitter to search for jobs. Host weekly Twitter chats for recruiting purposes and be available to answer questions from prospects. Some companies even create a Twitter channel dedicated to recruitment that is run by HR personnel.

Other Ways to Use Social Media

Social Listening

Use a social media monitoring platform such as Hootsuite to seek out candidates on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. Incorporate relevant keywords and hashtags that candidates may be using in their job search.

Employee Referrals

Current employees can be a company’s best source for recruiting. Encourage and incentivize employees to spread the word in their respective social networks about openings. It’s possible they are already connected to qualified candidates.


This concludes the series on how oil & gas companies can use social media to recruit younger talent. For more information, download our whitepaper, The Big Crew Change (PDF).

As always, should you need help, our Internet marketing team is standing by ready to assist you.

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