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Improve Image Editing Using ‘Alt’ Tags

We’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another. You want to spice up the content on your Bizzuka site by adding a photograph, so you click the “Add Image” button, attach the photo and click “Insert.” Sounds simple enough, but if this is your typical routine, you’re missing out on one of the most underused and yet most important image properties you can set.

You may have heard of the “alt” tag of an image. The “alt” tag is intended to be a textual representation of the image it is attached to (The term “alt” stands for “alternative text.”). The main purpose of the “alt” tag is for accessibility standards. In situations where images are turned off, such as when a visually-impaired person uses a screen reader, the “alt” tag is used in place of the image.

Perhaps an even more important reason to use “alt” tags has to do with the way search engines use them to help categorize Web sites. The Internet is a large place and growing larger by millions of new sites every day, so it is impossible for a search engine like Google to send a human employee to visit your site and place it in search results.This is where Googlebot comes in, a robot of sorts that visits, or crawls, your Web site on a more or less frequent basis (depending on how often the site is updated) to determine the subject of the site and rank you appropriately in the search results. Because Googlebot is a machine, it can view millions of Web sites a day. The downside to this is that machines cannot read and understand images in the way that humans can.

Therefore, using “alt” tags allows Googlebot, as well as other search engine robots, to learn more about your Web site. The more search engines know about your site, the better it will rank in search results.

Luckily, the Bizzuka Builder makes it easy to add “alt” tags to your images. Simply click on the “Add Image” button, and fill out the “Title” section. In Bizzuka Builder, “Title” will act as your “alt” tag. For existing images, click on the image first to select it, then click on the “Add Image” button and add your Title.

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