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International Airport Chooses Bizzuka to Design and Build New Web Site

January 12, 2010 – LAFAYETTE, LA – Bizzuka, Inc. (, a provider of component-based Web and intranet solutions, today announced that Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has selected Bizzuka’s design team and proprietary content management system for the airport’s new Web site.

“The fact that the leading commercial airport in all of Louisiana has chosen to partner with Bizzuka makes us extremely proud,” said John Munsell, Bizzuka CEO. “We are excited about the opportunity to help Louis Armstrong International Airport provide travelers with a Web site that is not only powerful and efficient, but that also helps position New Orleans as far more than just an entertainment destination.”

The airport’s current site was built several years ago using technology which, by today’s standards is considered outmoded. It had none of the technical capabilities needed by a large airport, especially one of Armstrong International Airport’s stature. Their primary goal for the new site was to increase ease of use by patrons; however, the site itself needed to be more easily managed by airport staff.

“The way people use airport Web sites has changed over the years,” said Reed Barnes, webmaster for the airport site. “People don’t just go to the site to find out about parking. They want to check flight schedules, airfares and even plan trips. We needed a site that could address the needs of today’s tech savvy traveler. Given that Bizzuka had created similar sites for most of Louisiana’s other top airports, we knew they would be the perfect partner for us.”

Design also played a critical factor in the airport’s decision. “Creating a professionally designed Web site that reflected well upon the airport’s brand was immensely important,” said Barnes. “Not having someone on staff that could provide such services mandated that we look to an outside vendor.”

A third factor that weighed into the airport’s decision was their need to maintain control over content. They found Bizzuka’s powerful yet easy to use component-based Web content management system an ideal solution for the airport’s staff.

“Other vendors we spoke to wanted to maintain control of the site themselves, meaning that any time an update was needed we would have to pay them to get it done. It’s not unusual for us to make several updates per day, so that would not have been a fiscally responsible option,” said Michelle Wilcut, Armstrong’s Public Relations Manager. “Bizzuka’s platform gives us the ability to easily update the site without having to depend on a third-party.”

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