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The Top 5 Web Design Firms in Louisiana

We’ve been around a long time…since 2001, as a matter of fact. During this time, we’ve accomplished quite a lot and have had the privilege of working with some pretty incredible people. We’ve built well over 3,000 websites, been listed as one of the top three web design firms in the U.S., made the Inc. 5,000 as one of the fastest-growing software companies in the U.S. three years in a row, and been named one of the top 100 fastest growing businesses led by LSU alumni for five years.

And while we’d like to add the title, “Unstoppable” to our list, we’re only human…which means sometimes we just get a little too busy to take on a new project.

In those cases, a lot of customers ask, “If we can’t work with you, who would you recommend?”

And by all means, we want you to be in good hands. So, after working with and competing against a lot of other firms in Louisiana, I’ve created a list of the top 5 that I believe are among the best in the state.

There’s certainly no shortage of web design firms to choose from. To me, it seems that just about everyone who gets laid off from a job decides they’re going to become a web developer. So, you really have to be careful who you work with because not everyone has the experience necessary to get you where you want to go. If you make the wrong choice, you could easily throw away the entirety of your investment and have to start over.

Before we get any further, I just want to clarify something: this list of five is not meant to be in any particular sequence (other than alphabetical). It’s simply meant to reflect the best firms (that I’m aware of) in Louisiana for specific circumstances, specific needs, and specific talents.

This doesn’t mean that all the others aren’t any good. It just means that I am familiar with these companies, and I can personally vouch for their talent and their integrity – the latter being the most critical component, in my opinion.

Let’s take a look at 5 of your best options.


If you’re a restaurant or a company that’s looking for a web design firm with experience in the food industry, you need to check out BBR. Maybe you’ve produced a line of seasonings or a line of packaged foods. Whatever the case, BBR can handle your web work. They can handle your SEO. They can handle your offline marketing. They do a wonderful job with brand messaging, packaging, and collateral design. They’re just a class act all the way around.

DOVETAIL DIGITAL (formerly Useable Creative)

Dovetail is a smaller outfit in Lafayette, Louisiana run by Shannon Lynd and her sister Allison Alesi. Both of those women used to work here at Bizzuka, and here are the facts: These women are some of the sharpest and most creative people that have ever come through our halls. And they do incredible work for their clients. If you are looking for creative design or just creative ideas on how to make your site look better than your competition’s, go straight to Shannon. She’s that good.


Envoc was founded and is currently run by Calvin Fabre. And Envoc does some incredible work – especially custom application development. So, if you need a web application, a mobile application, or a combination of a website and custom development, you can’t go wrong with Envoc. They know their stuff, they’re creative people, they’ve built a great corporate culture, and they take exceptional care of their customers.


Gatorworks is a great web agency in Baton Rouge run by Brian Rodriguez. Brian is a young, energetic guy who really knows his stuff. He’s developed a great team over the years. They were recently acquired by Guaranty Broadcasting of Baton Rouge, but they still maintain their autonomy and their quality of work. They also do a great job with SEO, so if you’re looking to build your traffic using search engine optimization, Brian and his team do an exceptional job for their clients.


I’ve watched ThreeSixtyEight’s CEO, Kenny Nguyen, build this company from his dorm room at LSU into a truly rocking company (with some exceptionally cool office space). In 9 years, he’s turned a side gig of building PowerPoint presentations for businesses while attending LSU into a fast-growing, Inc 5000 recognized company doing work for some of the largest brands in the U.S. ThreeSixtyEight is an incredibly talented branding agency. They really get strategy and execution, and they’ve done work for companies across the globe. So, if you’re looking for a team to help you take your branding and your customer experience to an entirely new level, ThreeSixtyEight needs to be at the top of your list.

So, those are the 5 companies that I can attest are good folks to work with.

There are many others that are probably good companies, as well. And there are several agencies that you should avoid at all costs. If you want to know about the latter, well, sorry, but I won’t be writing about those folks. We’re too busy fixing their messes to give them any publicity. 🙂

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