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Campaign Optimization

You Don't Know if it Works, Until You Compare it to Something Else.

Kaizen, Lean, Agile… all these are about continuous improvement. Benchmarking, comparing, refining, and improving.

Marketing is no different.

How do you know your marketing is working if you never compare it to anything else?

Each month, our entire team looks at what we’ve accomplished toward helping your business achieve its goals. We review what’s working, what’s not, and we devise ways to get better results every month in an ongoing process of campaign optimization.

The importance of continually refining strategy and tactics to improve the quality and quantity of lead flow is ingrained in our culture, but unfortunately, it seems to be a lost art these days. Most people just set it and forget it.

We, however, are never satisfied with the status quo.

Stats are nice, but unless those data can be used to help drive decision-making and improve outcomes, they’re just interesting things to look at. We leverage the data to adjust strategies and tactics in real time, optimizing our marketing processes to continually ensure we hit your targeted results.

Sometimes, we might throttle up the use of blog posting. Other times, we might engage a pay-per-click campaign. Still other times, we might focus on split-testing a landing page or a new lead magnet to generate the maximum number of inquiries, purchases or registrations.

We keep our options open and the process entirely fluid, so we can continually optimize our tactics and maximize your results. Some of the tools in our belt include but are not necessarily limited to:

• Creation of an email campaign to current and past customers
• Targeted blog posting
• Content syndication and back-linking
• On-page SEO optimization
• Meta tag optimization
• Google listing optimization
• Facebook advertising
• Google PPC campaigns
• Bing and other search PPC campaigns
• Webinar creation
• eBook creation
• A/B split testing
• Sales funnel creation and optimization
• LinkedIn profile creation or optimization
• LinkedIn group postings
• Facebook page creation or optimization
• Email newsletters

Some marketing firms just email a report of stats to you every month, but you have no idea what the numbers mean. As we review our reports of tactics and results with you, you’ll learn more about your market and your buyer than you ever thought possible.

Think of the impact this can have on your sales force and their effectiveness.

Schedule a Strategy Call with us today, and we’ll help you get clarity on where you’re stuck and what you can do to improve your results.

The Ultimate B2B Web Marketing Strategy Checklist

Make sure your digital marketing strategy covers all the bases. Use this 50-point checklist to fine tune your marketing and improve your online conversions.

The Ultimate B2B Web Marketing Strategy Checklist

See how your web marketing intitiatives stack up.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending tens of thousands of dollars every year on digital marketing, and seeing no increase in lead generation.

Make sure your digital marketing strategy covers all the bases. Use our 50-point checklist to fine tune your marketing and improve your online conversions.

Ready to learn how you can increase your sales and automate your lead generation?

Schedule a Strategy Call today and see how a few tweaks can generate massive results.

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