How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Healthcare App? 

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Numerous healthcare organizations are creating mobile apps. 

While the healthcare industry has relied on technology for a long time, COVID seems to be accelerating this trend.

Is your organization considering an app? If so, you might have questions about costs. Let’s look at a few of the factors that determine costs.


Healthcare apps are considered lifestyle apps. These are far more challenging than utility apps, such as a flashlight or a compass. Moreover, due to HIPAA compliance, there is a layer of complexity that doesn’t exist in news apps.

Even then, how many features will be in the app? Is it just for tracking appointments? Do you want to share lab results with patients? Can patients share their medical records with family members or with physicians who aren’t in your organization? Do you want to include bill pay?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your app interacted with a fitness watch or with the equipment at a fitness center? This is definitely a possibility, and it will definitely increase your cost. But, it could make a difference for the people who are using the app. If it improves their health, it might be worth it.

More features will equal more costs. Be sure to have a list of desired features in advance and know which features are “must haves” and which features are considered optional.


How quickly do you need the app? If the answer is “tomorrow”, be prepared to pay a fortune.

Also, do you need all of the features in the initial rollout? For example, if your organization wants the app deployed in a month, can you launch the app with 8 of the 24 features on your wish list? If so, the remaining features will be developed without “rush” fees being assessed.

So, already having formulated a list in the previous step, knowing what needs to be done right away and what can wait might produce major savings.


Will your app be in the Apple App Store, Google Play or both?

If your app is meant for your staff who all carry devices supplied by your organization, it is possible that you only need to choose one.

If your app is meant for the public, you probably need both. But, then again, what if it is meant to connect to a particular brand of fitness devices? Perhaps, both aren’t needed.

It pays to know in advance which platform(s) you want so that you get developers who are versed in the store(s) you want.


Do you have an in-house team? Do they have the time and expertise to tackle the app? Remember, not all apps are equal, and the team that did a great job with one app might struggle to connect bill pay or to get the app to talk to a fitness device.

Out-sourcing is often the quickest way to launch. However, the team that created a race car app might not be the right team to create a health app. The preparation that you did in the steps above will be very helpful as you shop for a developer.

Whether in-house or out-sourced, be sure to ask about documentation. Creating the app is one thing, but does the development team need to write documentation on how to use it? Do you want a slick video that demonstrates how to use the app? Either way, the need for documentation increases with the number and types of features in the app.

Location of the developer

There is a price tag for “made in America”. Many custom app developers in the US charge $150 per hour. The price can drop dramatically for “offshore” developers. The app that costs $250,000 in the US might be only $100,000 if developed overseas.

Either way, consider the location and longevity of the company. Given the current political situation, this might not be the best time to hire developers in certain locales. And, regardless of locale, you might prefer an established firm over a startup.

As before, doing your homework on the other points raised in this article will help you choose.

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