COVID Content Marketing: Guiding Your Content Strategy Through Chaos 

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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has altered the way businesses communicate with their customers, and likely forever.

Unfortunately, the new year can only change so much, and much of 2020’s chaos has rolled over into 2021.

We’re still stuck in the middle of a global pandemic, and companies worldwide are still struggling to keep their doors open.

Each year, the New Year’s resolution of every business owner is to “make more money”. 

But how can we make more money this year with the economy in shambles?

The key is in how we communicate with our consumers

Let’s be honest, no one is ever really in the mood to be “sold” into buying something, especially when most of us are struggling financially.

The pandemic is still weighing very heavily on all of us, and what we really need is a sense of peace and unity. 

Kick off those pointy, business-owner shoes and slip back into your civilian sneakers for a second.

Now think about what you want for dinner.

Would you rather go to a franchise like McDonald’s, or help out your local mom and pop restaurant?

Probably the latter, right? 

Small businesses have been receiving a lot of support during the pandemic because people can relate to them. 

In this period of isolation, we all want to feel connected. The best way to communicate with your consumers right now is through content centered around the shared human experience. 

Expressing your struggle by storytelling will draw people in.

When writing your content, it’s critical to think like your consumer. Remove your biases and judgments and think about what you, as a civilian, need to hear right now. 

Understanding the priority shift

The Great Consumer Priority Shift of 2020 took everyone by surprise. The way we all thought, consumed, and behaved as buyers took a drastic turn as we were all forced to stay indoors. 

While this change made it easy for customers to save money, it resulted in a drastic decrease in revenue for us business owners. 

Creating new buyer personas

We’re still living in this shift, and the best way to adapt to it is by implementing agile buyer personas. Because the chaos is constantly evolving, these new personas will need to be adaptive, short-term characters. 

Right now, you need to drop your long-term goals and focus on the short-term. This is how your buyers are thinking, and it will also improve your sales-marketing alignment. 

With these new personas, your sales and marketing personnel will be able to decipher which audience is ready for fast-paced and engaging content again, and which audience needs a bit more time.  

The technology experience

Without normal face-to-face communication, you should have switched to an online business model by now (or at least we hope). Because everyone has moved online, it’s now more important than ever for your website to stand out. 

If you’re looking to stand out by implementing quick fixes, you can plug your website in here for free SEO suggestions and a site audit.

If you’re seeking more in-depth, long-term strategies, fill out this form for a complementary 45-minute strategy call with Bizzuka’s SEO experts. We look forward to helping fellow business owners navigate the pandemic.

2021 is all about adaptation. Anything can happen this year, and it’s important to expect the unexpected. Hopefully, this chaos will end soon. But if not, at least you can rest assured that your content marketing is now ready to tackle the challenge.