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Custom Software Solutions for Select Industries

Improving Efficiency & Profits by Automating Manual Processes

For almost 20 years, Bizzuka has provided Custom Software solutions for industries ranging from ship construction to commercial banking; from manufacturing to human resource management; from payroll processing to logistics and more.

Today, we invest most of our time and energy building custom web applications and software in these primary areas: shipbuilding, marine towing, and commercial construction.

Each industry faces a unique set of challenges.

Shipbuilders, commercial construction companies, towboat and barge suppliers, and services organizations all have numerous processes that are handled manually. These processes typically involve lots of paperwork, and they burn a lot of valuable manpower producing and managing it all.

How We Do It

We employ a sophisticated discovery process that starts with intensive research where we work with you to catalog all of the symptoms and pain points you’re encountering.

We then dig deeper to uncover the root causes – most of the time, those root causes are invisible to the people that are closest to the problem. That’s where we come in.

We help you see things that are likely obscured because you’re too close to the problem. We bring a fresh set of eyes and a wholly different perspective that helps lift the veil off of profit killing problems.

Bizzuka’s consultants work with you to develop a comprehensive results-focused, phased approach to turn manual processes into simplified, automated systems that your employees will use (and actually enjoy using).

Moreover, we work with you and continually refine the software every month to improve the quality of your desired results. We build sophisticated data analytics into your custom application that help drive decision-making and improve outcomes.

Bizzuka’s entire focus is to help you produce the results you need to stay competitive and thrive in today’s global marketplace.

Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you increase your profits by automating inefficient processes.

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