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Data-Driven Research

Data-driven Marketing Research and Analysis That Drives Your Business Forward

The first step in developing a high performing and effective strategy is to fully understand your buyer through data-driven research. Every product you sell and every service you offer has the potential for unique and different buyers.

Buyer Persona Research

To start with, we interview several of your customers and competitors’ customers to thoroughly understand and appreciate your buyer’s needs, desires, pressures, language and hot buttons. From the data collected, we create detailed buyer personas — semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers.

These buyers have different needs and pressures. They use diverse resources to find solutions to their problems, and they speak in their own unique language.

We meticulously analyze your buyers, their problems, thought processes and go-to resources when it comes to solving those problems.

The insights gathered during this research phase help us develop strategies to reach your buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey — their path to purchase. You can also use these same insights to help your salespeople become far more effective at closing business.

Competitive Analysis

To ensure you accomplish your online marketing goals, we look at your company’s online performance from every angle. A critical component of devising an effective online marketing strategy is an extensive analysis of your top competition.

We carefully analyze the websites of your biggest competitors and dig thoroughly into every move they’re making online. We uncover the strategies and tactics they are using that can be largely hidden from view.

We then dig deep into the code of your competitors’ websites to determine if they are targeting keywords that perhaps you’ve overlooked.

Next, we analyze the keyword strings that our buyer persona research indicates are used most frequently by your buyers when they are searching for your products and services.

Your search engine rankings for these keywords are then compared with the rankings of your top competitors. We contrast these rankings against
the volume of monthly searches for those keywords in order to determine where we might find the best opportunity for growth.

Finally, we dig deeply into the strategies of any competitor that may be using pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. We look at their ad campaigns, their ongoing history, any adjustments they might have made over time, and their effectiveness in generating conversions.

Then, we prepare an intelligence brief that is so detailed and so informative you’d think it was illegal… but it’s not. It’s just what you get with a company that is 100% committed to ensuring your website and marketing efforts produce the highest return on your investment.

The Ultimate Lead Generation Checklist

Compare your website to a checklist of website components with the highest impact on B2B sales.

The Ultimate B2B Sales Automation Checklist

See how your sales automation system stacks up.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a superior product or service but a lagging sales process to distribute it. Evaluate your company's sales and marketing efforts against this comprehensive checklist we’ve put together and discover ways to end that problem now.

The Internet has your customers' attention. Let’s route it your way.

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