What You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising Changes in 2022 

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With all the changes that ensued with Facebook (aka Meta) last year, it’s only natural for us to anticipate changes in the Facebook advertising platform to follow.

So, what can we expect in 2022? 

What changes are coming, and how will they impact your business?

This is what we know.

Facebook is removing “sensitive” targeting options

Their consultants in the policy and civil rights sectors, as well as their stakeholders, have requested that the following targeting options be removed:

  • Political beliefs
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Sexual orientation

Facebook has agreed to “86” these options and make its advertising platform less personalized in order to match the public’s evolving expectations of how advertisers can reach them. 

Effective January 19th, advertisers will also no longer be able to target users based on certain interests such as:

  • Gay pride and LGBTQ+ culture
  • Social issues
  • Religious holidays
  • Breast cancer awareness

They will also be removing less common interest targeting options that don’t seem to draw much attention.

What this means for the Marketing API

On January 19th, the marketing API will change, although you should be able to continue targeting the aforementioned interests until March 17, 2022. 

But don’t wait until March to adjust your campaigns.

Instead, Facebook recommends that advertisers acquire the list of ad set IDs that will be affected as soon as possible, then evaluate their targeting specifications against Targeting Status API to determine the object IDs that may result in a paused delivery.

After March 17th, you can expect to see the following error message if you’ve chosen a targeting option that’s been removed:

“Error code 100, sub code 18157520: Cannot Use Invalid Detailed Targeting Options: Some of Your Detailed Targeting Options Have Been Removed: This ad set includes detailed targeting options that are either no longer available or unavailable when excluding people from an audience. You may need to remove items from your ad set or confirm the changes to turn it back on.”

If you receive this message, it just means you’ll have to update your interest targeting.

The marketing world is constantly evolving and it can be hard to keep up. Fortunately, Facebook has offered some suggestions to help marketers adapt to these new changes with ease. For more information on the latest in marketing, check out the Bizzuka blog!