5 Unique Holiday Marketing Ideas for Business Owners 

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The Thanksgiving/Christmas season is the perfect time to get creative with your holiday marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to generate leads, or just want to get the word out on your Black Friday deals, we’ve got a little gift to share with you–our favorite holiday marketing strategies! 

1. Give away holiday gifts 

People love free stuff, and the holiday season is certainly no exception. Now is the time to give, so take advantage of this by offering your customers something they’ll really enjoy. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive–you could offer discounts or coupons as part of a promotional campaign during Black Friday week, or simply hand out candy canes to your customers. This is a fun way to give back to the people who keep your company going day in and day out.

2. Create a holiday or advent calendar 

Holiday calendars are a great way to get your customers excited about the holiday season. Create something fun that you know people will enjoy–maybe even include some free samples or coupons in each day’s box. 

It doesn’t have to be a physical calendar. In fact, you can use a digital “calendar” as part of an email marketing campaign. A holiday calendar can be 10 days or 24 days. The key is getting your brand in front of your customers’ eyes over and over again.

You’ll want to make sure the content you include in your advent calendar or email campaign is engaging and relevant. Be sure to pick topics that are interesting but also fit into your overall marketing strategy.

3. Run a holiday contest   

Because humans are so competitive by nature, contests are a great way to generate leads. 

You can run this type of campaign on social media, asking influencers in your industry to help spread the word about your contest.

Make sure to inform entrants that by entering, they’re agreeing to receive further communication from you. This is a great way to capture email addresses or other contact information that can be used in future marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget to include a disclaimer about how many times someone can enter and whether or not this will increase their chances of winning. People will likely be sharing their entries on social media, so all contest rules should be clear and visible. 

You should also specify the number of winners for each degree of prize, so that everyone knows exactly what they’re getting into when entering.

4. Include holiday cards in your packages and online orders  

Holiday cards are a simple and easy way to get your customers excited. They don’t cost much and can be a very meaningful way to reach out to your customers. 

A small card along with a personal note from you or other members of your team to each customer, thanking them for their business and wishing them happy holidays is another great way to give back. Note that you can have team members sign cards in advance so that the shipping department has cards on hand as orders are placed.

This is also an opportunity to send out coupons, discount codes, and other promotions that draw customers in.

5. Provide interactive content

Interactive content like holiday quizzes and Instagram polls can be a great way to get your customers engaged. 

By asking questions in social media posts and having your audience comment on their answers, you’ll encourage engagement from visitors who are interested in learning more about your company and  products. It’s also a great way to find out what your customers want to see more of and what products they’re interested in this holiday season.

Just make sure that any interactive content you post is useful for potential customers. Perhaps include some insider tips on how people can take advantage of Black Friday deals, for example. It doesn’t have to take much time or effort on your part either; just do some research and think of something unique that other businesses in the industry haven’t already covered.

Now is the perfect time to do some fun and unique holiday marketing. Your customers will be entertained and you’ll gain exposure at the same time. 

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