How COVID has Permanently Changed Marketing 

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COVID-19 has been a wild (and particularly gloomy) roller coaster ride for the entire world.

Business owners and consumers alike have been forced to change their selling and shopping habits.

As a result, marketing has also adapted in order to keep up.

In June of 2020, marketing spend had reportedly hit rock bottom. On average, only 29% of advertisers and agency media buyers had revamped their strategy to suit the new normal.

Fortunately, almost a year later in March 2021, things are finally starting to turn a corner.

The majority of businesses have reopened at some capacity, but to an entirely new world. 

Seemingly all facets of business that we once knew have been reset, including how business owners engage with customers.

Engaging customers post-COVID

Slowly but surely, businesses are beginning to ramp up their marketing budgets again–with a focus on media and messaging.

But thanks to COVID, business owners everywhere have had to rethink their relationships with their consumers.

If there’s one good thing that came out of this, it’s that these relationships have actually strengthened. This is, in part, due to the change in communication from business owner to consumer.

In order to meet the sensitive needs of their customers, businesses adjusted their language from attention-grabbing to empathetic and emotional. This language is expected to stick, along with the availability of virtual goods and services, which has increased drastically as a result of the pandemic.

Remote operations becoming permanent

Major companies like Facebook and Twitter have announced that they’re making working from home a permanent option. With technology like Zoom and Slack, working remotely has become easier than ever and can even speed up production. These changes will likely become permanent for many companies as we move into a more tech-savvy world. 

Increased eCommerce presence

With more businesses in the eCommerce world than ever before, competition is at an all time high. In order to stand out, business owners will need to be innovative and bring something new to the table. Never stop thinking about how you can enhance your user experience.

Contactless in-person payments may become a permanent way to pay for goods and services as well. Regardless of your industry or the changes you’ve had to make, expect to keep doing what you’ve been doing in order to successfully market in the future. 


At Bizzuka, we understand that adjusting to these changes has not been easy. We’re learning as we go just like everyone else. To keep up with the latest information on marketing during COVID-19, check out our blog.