How Small Businesses Can Grow in 2021 

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2020 and all of its insanity has truly changed the business world. 

And quite frankly, it may never be the same. 

Uncertainty still lingers in the air as we’ve entered 2021, and it’s important that all small businesses have a nimble strategy to conquer this year.

Last year, some big box retailers were forced to file for bankruptcy, while other small tech companies gained exponential growth. 

The following tips offer insight into what businesses that succeeded last year did to put themselves over the top. By implementing these 5 strategies, small businesses can grow in 2021.

1.) Fine-tune your message and brand

Effective branding directly correlates with your company’s authenticity. It’s essentially your promise to your customers. Every aspect of your branding, across all of your channels, should show iron-clad authenticity. This builds trust, which in return establishes loyalty.

2.) Enhance your social media and content marketing

Good storytelling is key when it comes to social media and content marketing. This will resonate with your customers and form a bond that leads to unwavering loyalty. 

In short, humanize your content. Let customers see the people behind the brand and everyone that your company has helped. It’s less about what your company is and more about who your company is.

The CEO of Blendtec, Tom Dickson, offers a great example. Everyday, he attempted to break his blenders in order to find any weaknesses that he needed to fix. He wanted people to know that his blenders could blend, well… anything. 

He even has a YouTube channel where he posts these product demonstrations for entertainment. Showing customers what the CEO is doing every single day to make sure they’re receiving the best possible product has helped build iron-clad authenticity. Not to mention, it’s a great story to tell.

3.) Double-down on customer service

Going the extra mile for your customers is imperative. Oftentimes, this step is overlooked, but it’s actually one of the most crucial parts in your business’s growth. 

For example, when you think of Chick-Fil-A, the first thing that comes to mind is typically their unmatched customer service.

High quality customer service is how you increase your customer retention and your ability to acquire new ones. Your goal should always be to have your customers leave happier than they were when they walked in.

4.) Build and improve your team

You’re only as good as your team. One of the best ways to promote growth within your team is by inviting discussion. This will help you find ways to improve and close production gaps. 

You can’t expect an employee to care about your business on the same level as you do. Unfortunately, it’s just never going to happen. But, if you truly invest in your people, you’ll find that they’ll return the favor and invest a lot more in your company.

5.) Remain flexible and keep adapting

One of the biggest lessons that we learned during 2020 is the importance of being able to adapt. Switching to online sales and ecommerce was the only way most companies could survive. You must be prepared to pivot. 

It’s imperative to remain flexible and find new opportunities to offer more products or services that align with the change in consumer behavior and demands.

Those companies that were successful in 2020 will most likely be successful in 2021, and moving forward. They displayed incredible persistence and resilience. 

The pandemic has shown how vital it is to not only be able to adapt and pivot, but to be able to do so quickly. Embrace change and don’t be stubborn in your current ways. 

2021 has a lot to offer. To keep up with this year’s marketing trends, check out the Bizzuka blog.