How This Week’s Social Media Outage Impacted Small Businesses 

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Earlier this week, a social media outage disrupted billions of lives.

The worldwide reaction to this outage showed firsthand just how dependent we all are on social media.

Because Facebook is also used to sign into a multitude of other platforms and devices (e.g Smart TVs, shopping sites, and even thermostats), it’s easy to see how this snowballed into an even bigger problem.

Not only were users unable to keep up with the Kardashians for over five hours, but businesses were cut off from their customers, and many employees were unable to do their jobs with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down.

What caused it?

According to Facebook officials, this outage was caused by changes to the internet infrastructure that runs traffic between its data centers. This caused a domino effect that interrupted all data centers, thereby bringing services to a dead stop. (Imagine being the person at fault for this!)

After roughly five hours of mayhem, one of Facebook’s teams in Santa Clara was finally able to gain access to its server computers and restore service worldwide.

Millions of dollars in sales lost

Business owners with a heavy social media presence were hit the worst in this outage.

Sam Munir, owner of a food-delivery service in India, was completely unable to fulfill orders because his business runs entirely through Facebook, taking orders through WhatsApp.

Mark Donnelly, HUH Clothing founder in Ireland, states that he lost thousands of dollars in sales without being able to reach his customers. “It may not sound like a lot to others, but missing out on four or five hours of sales could be the difference between paying the electricity bill or rent for the month,” he claims.

It’s safe to say that as a whole, millions of dollars in sales were lost around the world while Facebook and Instagram were down.

How to prevent this from happening again

Unfortunately, we can’t bank on Facebook for this to never happen again. They’ve been under fire for quite some time now, and it’s really up to business owners to fend for themselves.

The best way to protect your business from another potential social media outage is by spreading out over a variety of platforms. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Create accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Pinterest (if relevant). 

This way, if Facebook and Instagram go down again, your customers can still contact and buy from you. Without access to the downed platforms, they’ll migrate to other sites and be able to see your updates on any potential changes made to your services during the outages.

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