How to improve your media relations 

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COVID-19 has caused our entire world to change as we know it. One of the most commonly overlooked changes is our reliance upon media relations for communication. So how do you improve your media relations during COVID-19?

With everyone stuck at home and browsing social media all day, the way you present your business online is now more important than ever. 

But, how do you stand out amongst the clutter of news articles and government conferences while simultaneously providing genuine value to your audience?

We’ve got a few suggestions for you.

5 Tips to Improve Your Media Relations During COVID-19

1. Try new perspectives and angles

Given that most everyone is posting about the Coronavirus right now, it’s hard to stand out. Your audience will be drawn to new information that they haven’t seen before.

Your readers don’t need more tips on working from home or coping with isolation. Instead, check the Google Coronavirus search trends and create content centered around recent searches. 

As of today, May 15th, some of the main search trends we’re seeing while people are stuck at home include “how to make mimosas” and “how to cook lobster tails.” Restaurant owners may want to consider creating video tutorials or informational posts on these topics.

2. Offer your help

We’re all struggling right now. Everyone needs help in one way or another. Consider your audience. If you are a B2B company, your readers are likely struggling with PPP loans, layoffs, and managing sick leave. Publishing content centered around recent updates and providing helpful resources, like Delta Administrative Services is doing, is a great way to extend a hand to those who are grappling with the chaos surrounding the business industry.

If you own a B2C company, your readers are likely struggling with unemployment and general feelings of isolation and hopelessness. Offering free items, discounts, or donations to health care providers is a great way to get involved and show your consumers that you care about them.

3. Offer true value and information

Now is the time to give back and show your audience that you care more about their well beings than their money. 

When publishing content, it’s vital that you come across as sincere and genuine, rather than ignoring the current crisis. Instead of trying to sell your audience, offer them information that can help them through these trying times. Share resources about where they can receive assistance if needed, as well as pointers on staying safe.

4. Work on building relationships and trust

With all the fake news circling the media, there is no greater time than the present to be honest with your audience. Shoppers are currently seeking brands they can trust, and the best way to build trust with your consumers is by being transparent.

Tap into your consumer mindset. Who do you want to do business with at this time? The companies that care about your health and well being, or the ones who are strictly concerned with profiting? Consumers will remember who was there for them during the crisis and continue to do business with them moving forward.

Building relationships at this time is critical to keeping you afloat once the world returns to normal. Inform your audience on everything that you’re doing to keep both your employees and consumers safe. This will help you build both trust and connections with the people most valuable to your company. 

5. Go the extra mile

The best way to stand out on social media is by going the extra mile. By following the above tips, your audience will feel comfort in knowing that you understand what they’re going through and care about their well beings. 

Now is the time to give back and thank your customers for supporting you in sickness and in health. Let them know that you appreciate them and are empathetic with their struggles. 

For more information on communicating with your audience during the COVID-19 crisis, check out the Bizzuka blog. We share tips and information weekly on how to market during the global pandemic.