How to make your business stand out during the COVID-19 pandemic 

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Creativity is the backbone of your marketing strategy. Without it, you’ll never be able to stand out among your competitors. 

But how can you tap into your creativity amid isolation, when stress levels are at an all time high and the future has never been more uncertain..? Hint: it’s easier than you think.

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Group brainstorming from home to spark COVID-19 creativity

When you picture creativity, you likely envision your marketing team sitting in the boardroom, brainstorming and mapping out ideas on the whiteboard. Unfortunately, unless your team consists of less than 10 people and you have enough space to sit 6 feet apart, these meetings can no longer occur safely. This does not mean that you should cancel them indefinitely–you’ll just need to virtually brainstorm for the unforeseeable future to keep your creativity flowing.

Paid tools like Zoom (which you’re probably all too familiar with at this point) and Slack are ideal for communicating remotely as a group. Free tools such as Facebook Messenger and Google Meet have less features but are just as efficient.

Breaking up creative sessions

Virtual group meetings will take some getting used to; so you should consider breaking up your creative meetings into smaller groups. In larger virtual meetings, it’s hard for everyone to get a word in when people start to talk over each other and become frustrated. By separating your creative team into two separate groups with their own meetings, frustration decreases and each group can share their main takeaways once you reconvene.

Giving yourself breaks 

You’ve never experienced a pandemic of this scale before, and it’s only natural for this to rock your world. Working from home can also be very distracting if you have kids or animals that demand attention. 

With this in mind, consider taking quick breaks every 20 – 30 minutes to recharge. Taking breaks will allow you to tend to the needs of your surroundings as well as boost your mental health and energy–helping you keep your creativity flowing without feeling drained. 

There are many apps available to remind you to take breaks. Eye Defender for Windows is a great one. It's free and allows you to completely customize how far apart your breaks are and how long they are. 

Finding new inspiration for your COVID-19 creativity

Inspiration stems from random conversations at the office, sights, and experiences that occur as you go about your day–or at least it used to in 2019. Seeking new inspiration these days can seem like an impossible task when you’re confined to your home, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Fortunately, the amount of information and inspiration floating around the web is quite literally endless. Websites like Flipboard and are ideal for content curation and helping you find articles that are relevant to your idea or topic. Online courses and Facebook groups are also extremely helpful if you’re looking to boost creativity by gaining new knowledge, keeping your brain active, and meeting new people.

Changing your surroundings to increase COVID-19 creativity

If you thrive as an extrovert and are not used to working from home, it can be especially hard to concentrate. Changing up your surroundings, whether it be working in different rooms each day or taking your computer outside for a bit, can really help get your creativity flowing. 

If moving rooms isn’t possible in your household, consider wearing a new outfit or simply switching up your office layout (i.e., sitting on the opposite side of the room). You’d be surprised how much these little changes can impact your mindset.

Adapting to this new reality has not been easy for anyone, but we’re all in this together. Thankfully, as creatives, we can use this change to fuel our COVID-19 creativity–it’ll just take some time to adjust. For more information on marketing during the COVID-19 crisis, check out the Bizzuka blog.