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Industrial Marketing

Web Design and Marketing to Help Your Industrial Equipment Company Grow

As the owner, CEO or manager of an industrial equipment manufacturing, services or distribution company, using the internet as an industrial marketing vehicle to drive leads and sales may sound appealing but, in reality, it just hasn’t worked.

You know you need a website to refer customers and prospects to for more information, but that’s about it.

The truth is… the internet can become your best salesperson… if you use it the right way.

That’s where we can help.

Bizzuka is a B2B digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation for the industrial sector, specifically industrial equipment manufacturers, service providers and distributors. We’ve worked with dozens of industrial companies over the years so we’re well acquainted with the challenges you face — and know how to address them.

We develop websites and marketing plans designed to accomplish a single goal: increase your revenue by sending qualified leads your way to fill your sales pipeline and salespeople from the agony of prospecting and cold calling.

We drive the most relevant traffic, convert that traffic into qualified leads and nurture those leads through each stage of the buyer journey, from building awareness about your company to influencing purchasing decisions.

If your company is not receiving enough qualified leads, or if your team is facing the perils of a long sales cycle and spending too much of its time prospecting, give us a call.

We solve those problems by designing a result-focused website design and marketing strategy backed by tested and proven data-driven lead generation techniques.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how Bizzuka can help your business grow.

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The Internet has your customers' attention. Let’s route it your way.

Schedule a 1-on-1 call to start filling your sales pipeline with new leads

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