Our Proven 3-Phase Process for Generating New Leads & Markets


Turning on the Stream of Leads

The machine we build in the previous phase is not like a field of dreams. Just because you built it doesn't mean they will come.

It's more like a Le Mans race car. It's going to need some fuel and a professional pit crew to win the race.

Once the research has been completed, the copy has been written, the content has been created, and the machine has been built and launched, it's time to gas up and crank the engine.

Expert execution and constant optimization of your personalized strategy starts here. This is an ongoing process that involves continuous monitoring of key metrics and meticulous tweaking of inputs for the optimization of your lead generating machine. 

  • Attract: The first goal of any campaign is to increase the flow of traffic starting at the top of the funnel. But increasing the flow at the top of the funnel must always be contrasted with what is happening at the bottom of the funnel.

    The key here is not misinterpreting a dramatic increase in rankings or traffic. That can actually be a sign that something's wrong. So, before we celebrate these wins, we're going to make sure that we are attracting the right kinds of visitors and traffic.

    That's why monitoring the quantity and quality of lead flow is the most critical step in all of our SEO, PPC, email or Content Marketing campaigns. Everything we do is geared toward reaching the top of search engines so that we drive relevant traffic to your website or funnel -- not random traffic.

    If you're getting more traffic but no leads, you're getting random, useless traffic. There's nothing sexy about that.
  • Engage: Turning visitors into qualified leads is an art as much as it is a science. It takes mastery in copywriting as much as it takes perfection in the tech that supports the funnel.

    Our goal in the Engage stage is to ensure that our content captivates visitors and moves them to take action. We do that by creating high-value, educational content that a visitor finds so compelling that they'll exchange their name and email address for access to the content.

    This type of content interaction can be initiated through blog posts or social media posts that move someone to download an ebook or white paper, enroll in a course, or register for a webinar.

    These are the people that are raising their hand to say they are interested in your service or product. Now it's time for just the right email sequence to follow up with them and move them from an interested prospect into a purchasing customer. 

    Again, crafting the right email sequence and timing after this initial contact requires copywriting skill and sales mastery. That's where our team shines. We take the guesswork out of copywriting.
  • Refine: You really don't know how well something's working until you compare it to something else. That's why we're constantly running tests to make sure each part of your funnel or website is converting to its fullest potential.

    We're not distracted by vanity metrics like website traffic. We're more concerned with the metrics that effect your bottom line, like leads and conversions.

    Our team is constantly optimizing all points of your funnel and website to maximize the results that matter -- the ones that impact your bottom line.

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