OPTICS™ Accelerator is an exclusive mastermind group and training accelerator for manufacturing marketing professionals looking to increase their skills, level up, and accelerate revenue growth and customer acquisition

Join our exclusive community of manufacturing businesses 

Marketing is not easy... especially in the middle of a long and nasty recession.

There are a ton of moving parts - from strategy development to goal setting, internal communication, external vendor management, employee turnover, KPI monitoring, campaign reporting, task management, software selection, marketing automation, messaging, reputation management, and much much more.

It's no wonder so many marketing teams are struggling to generate ROI, increase profits, or improve customer acquisition. 

OPTICS™ Accelerator was created to give manufacturing businesses everywhere access to experienced marketing leadership, coaching, training and oversight without the overhead of additional executive management salaries. 

OPTICS™ Accelerator is the combination of our eLearning platform, OPTICS™ Academy, and our online OPTICS™ community. This powerful combination provides you with a truly immersive learning experience that will accelerate your marketing effectiveness and ensure growth targets are consistently hit.

The support you need to build powerful marketing teams & successful campaigns

OPTICS™ Accelerator is a community for businesses like yours that are looking to build powerful, internal marketing teams who can accelerate revenue growth without ramping up expenses or personnel. 

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or B2B service organization, this community has everything you need:

An active group of like-minded members and peers, a proven framework for building a high-performing marketing team, dozens of documents for mastering and monitoring your marketing efforts, a database for cataloging your SOPs & campaigns, weekly group-coaching calls, weekly peer discussions and brainstorming sessions, marketing exercises and challenges, accountability partners, unlimited Q&A, and a complete step-by-step learning pathway.

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The fastest way to increase revenue and reduce marketing expenses

One sure fire way to get better results out of your marketing team is to bring in an experienced Chief Marketing Officer to organize and run the entire operation.

But what if you don't have the budget to bring on a full-time CMO or even a fractional CMO?

That, my friend, is exactly why we created the OPTICS™ Accelerator.

Marketing success starts with team members who have a drive to succeed. Add to that the implementation of proven processes, and you have a winning recipe for the development and execution of comprehensive and effective marketing strategies. 

If you've got the team, OPTICS™ Accelerator will help them level up quickly, so they will generate consistent, positive results.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars each month on a new consultant with a single perspective.

By joining OPTICS™ Accelerator, you'll be able to implement a proven process while at the same time gaining 24/7 access to dozens of perspectives from marketing leaders and peers who have walked the path that you're trying to traverse.

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What's waiting for you inside?

  • Live, weekly coaching video conferences with proven CMOs skilled in strategy development, team building, vendor selection, and tactical execution.
  • Live and recorded workshops teaching the core tenants of marketing OPTICS™
  • Weekly collaboration calls with peers in your cohort
  • Video training on all facets of OPTICS™ organized by each critical phase of building marketing excellence in your organization
  • An online forum where you can ask unlimited community questions
  • Instant notification when someone responds to your question
  • Recorded video responses to questions answered by experienced CMOs
  • A database of documents that can be duplicated within your organization in a single click
  • Two in-person, 2-day strategic workshops led by experts in digital marketing, direct mail marketing, SEO, copywriting, branding, and process management

The OPTICS™ Accelerator is a comprehensive learning and implementation pathway

We’ve spent months developing a comprehensive learning pathway, walking you through each stage of building a high-performance marketing plan and team. Six modules (Orient, Predict, Target, Implement, Calibrate, and Sync), each packed with practical, actionable lessons that will help you:

  • Create a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Establish a firm marketing budget
  • Identify and catalog all marketing assets and campaigns
  • Forecast and articulate your 3-year vision
  • Develop your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Map out your Buyer's Journey
  • Discover your true competitive advantages
  • Improve team effectiveness and morale
  • Write copy that compels and converts
  • Build cost-saving marketing automation
  • Create a dashboard of KPIs that ensure growth success
  • Document your SOPs in an accessible library
  • Calibrate your campaigns for maximum results
  • Improve lines of communication and accountability
  • Synchronize your company goals across all divisions

... and so much more!

The OPTICS™ Framework provides a proven and structured way to scale revenue by building a high-performing marketing and business development team that understands and executes your vision with complete confidence, competence, and precision without your constant oversight.

These are the most common blind spots that are killing the effectiveness of your internal marketing team

Most marketing teams underperform and fail to hit goals for one or more of these reasons -
all of which we cover extensively and fix in our OPTICS™ framework:

  • You have no archived history of prior efforts to see where you might improve, so you end up repeating mistakes made by your predecessors. (Orient Phase)
  • You don’t have the right people in the right seats nor a path to upgrade. (Orient Phase)
  • You have lengthy meetings that go all over the place and leave everyone frustrated and behind schedule. (Orient Phase)
  • Your team lacks direction and oversight from already busy senior executives. (Predict Phase)
  • Your team isn’t informed of company goals, and therefore have no ability to set appropriate objectives for marketing campaigns. (Predict Phase)
  • You don’t know how to articulate which of your competitive advantages mean the most to your client. (Target Phase)
  • You don’t have a clearly defined and comprehensive strategy, so your team just ends up just doing tactical work with no end game in mind. (Target Phase)
  • Your team doesn’t have a clear picture of your ideal client and what that person goes through to solve his/her problems, so your team can’t tell the difference between good copy and bad. (Target Phase)
  • Your team doesn’t have enough in-depth knowledge of certain online marketing techniques, so they can easily overspend for poor performance from outside vendors. (Implement Phase)
  • You don’t have documented SOPs, so when turnover occurs, onboarding slows everyone down and knowledge transfer rarely takes place. (Implement Phase)
  • You don’t have a campaign calendar with integrated task timelines that can quickly illustrate how new requests will affect workloads and deadlines. (Implement Phase)
  • Your campaigns and tactics don’t have individually assigned KPIs or expressed accountability. (Calibrate Phase)
  • You don’t know which metrics to monitor or how to optimize them for maximum results. (Calibrate Phase)
  • You don’t have quarterly meetings to assess prior performance and map out goals for the upcoming quarter to ensure they’re on track with annual goals. (Sync Phase)

Want to talk it through?

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