How Investing in Custom Software Can Help You Make More Money 

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Custom software is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

While the initial cost may discourage you from making the investment, remember that the entire purpose of this project is to help you generate more revenue.

In order to understand all the advantages of custom software, you’ll first need to learn the difference between custom and ready-made software.

Custom software vs ready-made software

If you’re looking to build an application that’s tailored to meet your specific needs, custom software is the way to go. 

Custom software development ensures that you only end up with the features that are helpful to your business. No need to pay for features that don’t apply to you.

For example, if you’re a towing and boat service company looking for a better way for your employees to accurately record their time on each boat, you’ll need custom software. 

To learn more about this towing company’s success story and how they saved over $100,000 in just 6 months with custom software, click here. 

Ready-made software is designed to blanket the needs of multiple business processes, such as:

  • Accounting,
  • Customer relationship management,
  • Construction,
  • Business process management,
  • Customer service,
  • HR, and more. 

Microsoft Office is a great example of this type of software. It doesn’t cater to the specific needs of one company in particular. Instead, it offers a general set of functionality to meet the average needs of most business owners. 

In theory, ready-made software sounds good and can be very helpful when you need a simple solution. But when you start losing money due to complex problems, you’ll need to find complex solutions. 

Increasing your revenue

In addition to saving money by only paying for the features you need, you’ll also generate more money in the long-run when you invest in custom software. Custom software can help you increase your revenue by: 

  • Building a unique brand that stands out among competitors and attracts new customers.

  • Providing you with only the features that you need to generate a healthy ROI–unlike ready-made software applications.

  • Easily adapting to meet the unique needs of your business and customers. Ready-made software, on the other hand, is difficult to customize and often requires extra training and money. After all, this pandemic has taught us all that businesses who are quick to adapt are the most successful.


If you’re considering building a custom mobile, web, or desktop app, we invite you to schedule a free workflow consultation with Bizzuka. During this consultation, we’ll evaluate your business processes to determine whether custom or ready-made software is right for you. 

Bizzuka has successfully executed millions of dollars’ worth of custom software projects in our 20 years of business. We specialize in helping companies like yours save money on custom application development, as well as helping you achieve a healthy ROI in the process.