Bringing Manufacturing Marketing Into the Digital Age

The internet isn’t usually the first place purchasers of your industrial manufacturing products go for information. Rather, they rely on recommendations from industry peers, advice from manufacturing reps or even discussions with vendors at tradeshows.

Ultimately, however, their journey leads to the web. It could be your website, social network profile, a YouTube video or trade publication website broadcasting your latest news release.

Regardless of where your prospects end up when they arrive, ensure that you lead them to a conversion of some kind — be it a form-fill, phone call or product purchase. It’s vital to the welfare of your company that your prospective buyer says “yes” to an offer you make.

That’s where Bizzuka can help.

We specialize in digital marketing for industrial manufacturers, fabricators, CNC machine shops, OEMs and more — and have for years!

Our process starts by gaining a thorough understanding of your business and core offerings, your buyers and the journey they take to purchase and your competitors, to see what they are offering and where you stand in relation to them for search ranking, keywords and conversions.

We follow that with targeted marketing activities that communicate your message clearly to the exact audience you want to reach to get the results you want to achieve: more leads and more sales.

Then, we continually refine our process to ensure we’re optimizing every lead-generating opportunity and keep you informed with detailed reports. Best of all, you get sales quality leads delivered to your inbox in real-time.

While, as an industrial manufacturer, you’re no stranger to internet marketing, we want to ensure your understanding isn’t limited to just needing a website and, perhaps, an email newsletter.

Instead, we want to introduce you to the lead-generating benefits of all kinds of digital marketing activities, from blogs to pay-per-click ads to search engine optimization and more.

The sales cycle for industrial manufacturers can be long and complex, so every touchpoint along the buyer journey is critical. That’s why we build lead-generation strategies that take all of your prospects and customers into account, regardless of where they are on their way to the destination, from awareness to interest to consideration to decision and even post-sale.

So, you focus on building your products and let us work on growing your digital presence and driving online leads. Whether you manufacture pumps, marine equipment, fasteners or polymers, we will find a digital marketing strategy that’s right for you.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your industrial manufacturing company grow.


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