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Mobile Optimization

Websites that Work with Every Device

The use of mobile devices (tablets and cell phones) continues its upward climb. Not only do 77% of Americans own smartphones, but a huge percentage of smartphone users use their mobile device as their primary means of online access.

Studies show that for the first time in history, mobile web browsing has surpassed PC usage. In fact, in 2016 more than 31 million U.S. internet users went online using only their mobile device. Of equal significance, Google now factors “mobile-friendliness” into its ranking algorithm.

Back in April, 2016 Google announced that it was going to begin boosting the rankings of websites that offer some sort of mobile experience. This isn’t the only change that Google has made to push the user-friendliness of the web. In fact, it just marked the beginning of a major movement that called for mobile compatibility to become standard.

What that means is that you can no longer ignore designing a mobile interface for your business website.

With Bizzuka, you’re in luck.

We design every one of our websites with mobile users in mind.

Each site is “responsive,” meaning that it automatically adjusts the layout and design elements to accommodate the size of a visitor’s viewport (i.e., iPhone in vertical mode, iPad in horizontal mode, widescreen monitor, etc.).

Bizzuka built websites download fast, have easy-to-tap calls-to-action, mobile-friendly navigation and web forms that adapt to the smaller mobile interface.

Your website visitors get an outstanding experience regardless of what device they use, which translates to more visits and increased opportunities to convert.

Isn’t it time you do business with a company that understands mobile is not an option when it comes to web design?

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