Kill Airborne Viruses & Bacteria by Treating the Air You Breathe

Technology that Kills COVID in Mid-Air.

New studies show that surface treatment is far less effective than previously thought. The secret to fighting COVID lies in destroying it where it is most active -- in mid-air.

OMNI Spiro UVGI Air Scrubbers

UVC is the ultimate, proven technology for airborne virus & bacteria mitigation

Unlike conventional cleaning methods, UVC provides the ability to kill viruses and bacteria while airborne. OMNI’s SPIRO installs easily in air handling units and cleans the air 24-hours a day, allowing air to be circulated and purified continuously in any size building or room.

HVAC Air Disinfection

A modular UV disinfection system designed for circulating moving airstreams

The Spiro UV systems can be installed directly in your HVAC ducting or they can be suspended in the upper air space of a room or facility. This air disinfection system is designed to perform in warm, humid locations such as a greenhouse or even in cold storage rooms with temperatures below 34 degrees F.

How Complete is Your COVID-19 Containment & Safety Strategy?