Kill Airborne Viruses & Bacteria by Treating the Air You Breathe

Technology that Kills COVID in Mid-Air.

New studies show that surface treatment is far less effective than previously thought. The secret to fighting COVID lies in destroying it where it is most active -- in mid-air.

OMNI Spiro-Max UVGI Air Scrubbers

UVC is the ultimate, proven technology for airborne virus & bacteria mitigation

Unlike conventional cleaning methods, UVC provides the ability to kill viruses and bacteria while airborne. OMNI’s Spiro-Max installs easily in air handling units and cleans the air 24-hours a day, allowing air to be circulated and purified continuously in any size building or room.

HVAC Air Disinfection

A modular UV disinfection system designed for circulating moving airstreams

The Spiro-Max UV systems can be installed directly in your HVAC ducting or they can be suspended in the upper air space of a room or facility. This air disinfection system is designed to perform in warm, humid locations such as a greenhouse or even in cold storage rooms with temperatures below 34 degrees F.

How Complete is Your COVID-19 Containment & Safety Strategy?