Reduce Viral & Bacterial Risk and Lower Utility Costs at the Same Time.

Increase Employee, Guest, & Patient Safety

OMNI Ultraviolet and Hydroxyl water disinfectant systems instantly reduce your water and energy consumption, lower your consumption of cleaning agents and detergents, extend linen longevity, and ensure linen and textiles are hygienically clean.

LUMARS - Legionella Ultraviolet Monitoring and Remediation Systems 

Protect your business, your patients, residents, and guests with OMNI Solutions effective LUMARS program.

The CDC reports that there is a 25% fatality rate from Legionnaires’ Disease cases affecting immune-compromised individuals such as those found in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other long-term care facilities.

The LUMARS UV light inactivates the Legionella microbe by penetrating the cell wall and damaging the DNA, destroying its ability to reproduce.

LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System

Outstanding cleaning and disinfection while significantly lowering utility costs.

Utilizing a safe UV light, the LUX water disinfectant generator turns room air into earth’s strongest natural oxidizer: hydroxyl radicals.

Five-hundred times more powerful than hot water and bleach, the system achieves outstanding bright whites and helps keep linens softer than traditional chemistry.

SULAOS - Smart Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System 

Dissolve organic materials from water using a combination of methods involving Ultraviolet (UV) Light.

SULAOS provides a significant cost savings along with a safer cleaning process for commercial laundry employees and end-users in the healthcare and hospitality industries.

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