The LUX Brings Hospital-Grade Disinfection to Your Laundry and Helps Reduce Costs as Well

  • Extend linen life by 20%
  • Reduce hot water usage by 80%
  • Reduce rewash
  • Lower water consumption by a minimum of 20%
  • Minimize linen staining
  • Kill all harmful pathogens

Let’s face it. 

People are still afraid of traveling and staying in hotels. They’re afraid to visit hospitals. They’re afraid of living in or even visiting an assisted living center. 

That’s because they’re not sure who was there before them or how well the room was sanitized after they left.

And if you're one of these businesses, it means less revenue, smaller profit margins, and a whole lot of potential liability. 

Now there's a way to differentiate yourself...

With the LUX System by Omni Solutions, you can show people you’re providing cutting-edge technology when it comes to keeping your linens clean, sanitized, and soft... and your guests safe.

It kills harmful bacteria and viruses from your linen while providing an exceptional clean that minimizes staining and the need for a rewash.

It even extends your linen life by reducing the amount of wear and tear with each cycle.

The best part? 

It does all of that while reducing your hot water usage, your overall water consumption, and your monthly utility bill.

That’s why the LUX will be a critical component of your COVID response and to the success of your laundry.

The LUX System

What It Is:

OMNI Solutions’ LUX System provides impeccable cleaning and disinfection while significantly lowering your utility costs. Its technology supercharges your in-house laundry system through an advanced oxidation process.

Utilizing a safe UV light, the LUX Generator turns room air into earth’s strongest natural oxidizer: hydroxyl radicals. Five-hundred times more powerful than hot water and bleach, hydroxyl radicals achieve outstanding bright whites and keep linens softer than traditional cleaning chemicals.

How It Works:

As air is drawn through the stainless-steel generating chamber, the safe UV light allows oxygen molecules to bond with other oxygen molecules and neighboring hydrogen molecules. This results in the formation of hydroxyls (OH), ozone (O3), and peroxide (H2O2), which are extremely effective oxidizing agents – the things that completely eliminate any present germs and bacteria.

Harmful byproducts aren’t left behind after the process, and the oxidizing agents naturally dissipate back into pure oxygen in about 7 minutes.

The LUX System is EPA-registered, USDA-certified organic, and an FDA approved sanitizer.

To ensure your laundry is getting completely cleaned and disinfected with every wash, the LUX includes a visual LCD power indicator light and an audible alarm in case of lamp or ballast failure.

This system is designed to work in tandem with OMNI Solutions’ laundry chemical program. There are no moving parts, and no additional or special training is necessary.

Installation is quick and can be done by your chemical or equipment distributor. The only maintenance required is changing the lamp once a year.

OMNI Solutions’ laundry chemical program is a CMS, CDC, and WHO-approved process and is successfully being used in over 500 nursing homes.

In some states, the LUX system can be installed at little to no cost; just ask us for more details.

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