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Web Marketing Solutions for Select Industries

Web Solutions Focused on
Your Company's Growth and Success

For more than 16 years, Bizzuka has provided web marketing solutions for industries ranging banking to manufacturing to real estate, retail and more.

Today, we invest most our time and energy in just three: industrial equipmentB2B software providers and healthcare (hospitals and physician practices).

Each industry faces a unique set of challenges.

Industrial equipment and B2B software providers endure long, complex sales cycles with multiple decision-makers, sell big-ticket items that run into the five- and six-figure range and have a salesforce dependent on generating a constant flow of qualified leads.

Healthcare marketing has changed due, in large part, to the consumer. More than ever, prospective patients and their families are relying on search engines, social networks and customer review sites to research hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers before deciding which to choose.

To meet these challenges, we employ a sophisticated five-step process that starts with intensive research where we identify the demographics, firmographics and psychographics of your ideal customer. From that, we build detailed buyer personas and align each with its unique buyer journey — the path to purchase.

We then develop a comprehensive results-focused strategy and array of tactics, using the latest marketing technology to put more and better leads in your sales team’s hands.

We use content marketing tied to the various stages along the buyer journey, to move prospects further down the path. We also accelerate lead gen through pay-per-click advertising and retargeting techniques. And we focus on customer acquisition and retention with targeted email campaigns and interact with our clients’ customers one-on-one through social media engagement.

Moreover, we continually refine the process to improve the quantity and quality of lead flow and leverage data to drive decision-making and improve outcomes.

That’s not an approach most marketing firms take but one we feel is necessary to produce the results our clients need to thrive in today’s highly competitive B2B marketplace.

Take a look at just some of the companies with which we’ve had the privilege of working.

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The Internet has your customers' attention. Let’s route it your way.

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