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Nice guy. Honest. Funny. Serious. Trusting. A thinker. Family man. Faith-filled.

That’s John. And his clients as well as his staff know those traits are at the foundation of the success of Bizzuka, a company he co-founded with partner and friend Lonnie Rouse. John is truly unique and in the world of the Internet, that’s a requirement for anyone wanting to be successful for clients as well as for their own business.

What’s intriguing about John is his understanding of both the “people” side of his business as well as the technical side. He gets “it,” the “it” being relationships, as evidenced by the firm’s 800+ clients, many of whom have been with Bizzuka for more than 10 years. But he has also created a team of people who are like minded, put the customer first, and become first-name friends with their clients. His is a family of employees who are on a constant quest for innovation and ways to serve their clients even better. John doesn’t sit still and neither does his organization, which is why his clients simply love the firm and the products it offers.

Approachable, easy going, yet always thinking “what if.” That’s John. His “what if” thinking is assurance his clients will be well served from now into the future. John is proof that one can take a totally new idea and turn it into a practical, profitable reality while being a nice guy in the process. Bizzuka was built upon the simple idea of giving average small- and medium-sized business access to Fortune 500 web capabilities. Combining his skills in finance and marketing honed during his work with renowned firms such as First Commerce Corp (now Chase Bank) and Northwestern Mutual Life gave him the foundation on which to build what would become the Bizzuka of today.

Living with his family in the Tampa Bay area, John, in his position as NML director of technology and new agent development, was a pioneer in the use of the web as a communications and prospecting tool. While in that capacity, he worked part time creating and marketing websites for clients, which led to his co-founding of Webtank, Inc. in 1998. This early project developed into a successful venture earning $1.5 million in its first two years. That success paved the way for another of John’s ideas – the creation of an innovative web content management system which changed the entire direction of the web industry as a result. In the fall of 2001, John, with partner and friend Lonnie Rouse, co-founded Bizzuka, and as they say, the rest is history.

John now leads a company that was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held businesses in the nation in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Today, John, his partners, and team serve more than 800 customers in 43 states and three countries. The firm remains one of the largest web developers in the southeastern United States and is the largest web developer in Louisiana.

But even as Bizzuka has grown in its scope of services and sheer number of clients, through John’s personality, integrity, and genuine spirit of wanting to do the right AND best thing for his clients, he has created an organization that is people-focused and thrives on positive, customer-first relationships. But in it all, John remains John. And that is indeed a very good thing!

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