The long term benefits of investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

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*UPDATE* (06/2014) – We’ve increased organic traffic to their site by 891%! Investing in SEO is worth every penny. 

Bizzuka client LEEVAC Shipbuilders, a manufacturer of vessels for the maritime industry based in Jennings, Louisiana, began working with our Internet Marketing Specialists in February 2011, employing us to perform monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities. They found that investing in an SEO strategy was necessary to compete online. 

The company wanted to improve search rankings for several keywords related to its core business and outrank its competitors in the local region. Investing in SEO seemed like the best option to achieve this goal. So, Bizzuka implemented a Search Engine Optimization strategy that involved both on-site enhancements and off-site content development.

Today, LEEVAC is experiencing a 139% year over year increase in visits to its site from organic search alone. And, that’s not all! Even more impressive is the average time these visitors are spending on LEEVAC’s site is also up 30%. Their investment in SEO paid off in new website visits, and most of all new customers. 

Bizzuka’s SEO efforts have had a dramatic impact on traffic to the site, including:

Direct Visits (NOT directly impacted by SEO)

These are visitors who typically knew about the company beforehand and either typed or had bookmarked the site’s URL into their browser. By investing in an SEO strategy, more people knew about LEEVAC's website and visited it directly without searching for it on a search engine, like Google. 

Referral Visits (NOT directly impacted by SEO)

Referral traffic includes direct links from other sites. This type of traffic is usually derived from marketing campaigns and job postings, and its effectiveness is highly inconsistent. With link building tactics, Bizzuka was able to increase referral traffic that lead to more brand interactions, making investing in this SEO strategy a win. 

Organic Search Visits (DIRECTLY impacted by SEO)

Most impressive is the steady increase in traffic from searchers using Google’s search engine, which comes as a direct result of the SEO work performed by Bizzuka. It’s worth noting that these visits also do not include name searches (i.e. “leevac”).

Key takeaways for investing in SEO

SEO can be an effective, long term approach to driving consistent traffic to a site if it’s done well.

Before signing on with any SEO company, be sure to learn a little about the approach they implement, as not all SEOs are equal. A robust search engine optimization strategy should include the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Monthly Link Development
  • Local Business Listing Optimization
  • Monthly Social Media Development
  • Monthly On-Site Enhancements
  • Monthly Website Monitoring and Analysis
  • Analytics Management
  • “Readable” Monthly Reporting
  • 1 on 1 Monthly Consulting with a local specialist

Learn more about SEO and why it’s important for growing businesses to invest in this type of marketing by visiting the Internet Marketing section of our website.

Conclusion to investing in SEO

The most important thing to understand about an SEO campaign is that, as an investment strategy, it takes time. Results can be seen in as little as 4-6 months for “non-competitive” industries and up to 12 months or longer if you’re entering an industry full of established sites.