Timekeeping Inaccuracies & Human Error in the Marine Towing Industry 

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Is your marine towing company losing money through timekeeping inaccuracies and human error in your payroll system? 

If so, you’re not alone.

Sometimes, timekeeping problems are masked in issues like increases in payroll expenses without corresponding increases in billable services. Other times, there’s a notable decrease in productivity and output.

Left unattended, these seemingly invisible problems can grow to massive revenue leaks. For instance, one of our marine towing clients suspected they were losing a lot of money because of their inability to trust their timekeeping procedures.

They asked us to build a custom mobile application to simplify timekeeping on their vessels throughout the Louisiana waterways and to increase the accuracy of reporting. After using the application for just 6 months, they were shocked at just how much money they’d been losing prior to the implementation of the application.

Matt Devall, CFO of Devall Towing & Boat Service, became suspicious that inflated timesheet numbers were resulting in decreased per-vessel profits every pay period. He approached Bizzuka to design a custom application that would help ensure 100% accuracy of crew time entries. 


Tracking crew time in the towboat industry is unique. “Off-the-shelf” payroll systems did not provide the needed flexibility to align with Devall’s specific time tracking rules, calculations, and workflow.

This forced them to conform to the software’s functionality, which in turn meant that they needed to handle all unique calculations manually through a series of spreadsheets. This led to unreliable communication, disconnected spreadsheets, and plenty of room for error and abuse. With ineffective checks and balances in place, stress and frustration increased while profits and productivity dropped notably.


Bizzuka developed a custom mobile Time-Tracking software application for Devall that mirrored their specific rules, calculations, and workflow. The system closed loopholes and streamlined the process from start to finish. Devall now captures trusted timesheet data from the vessel crews, provides effective oversight by crew supervisors and payroll management, and seamlessly moves the data from the time tracking system to their ERP for payroll processing and billing.

“Bizzuka’s application manages the data through the entire time entry and approval process. Now our data are 100% accurate,” says Reagan Leboeuf, Devall’s Payroll Manager. “With the new system, I don’t have to worry about paper time sheets, missing approval initials, or duplicate time entries. I literally can just bring up the software application and click a button to process payroll calculations. It shaves days off of my payroll processing time and has totally eliminated the pay period frustrations of the past.”


An informal audit performed six months after the system’s implementation showed a savings of over $100,000. Reagan Lebeouf shared, “We ran a report of the results through the new system against data from the previous year under the old process and it was a significant savings. It was wild. This new system really got the errors and abuse under control.”  

Matt Devall’s experience was even more telling: “We’re estimating that it will save us at least $1,000,000 over the next five years in terms of recovered revenue and reduced inefficiencies.”  

How custom applications work to save you money

Custom apps in the marine towing industry allow companies to stay competitive while saving money on overhead costs associated with other methods (e.g., hiring a full time IT employee or money lost to human error/abuse).

Our custom applications help you gain efficiencies and recover lost revenue by offering a tailor-made solution that caters to exactly what YOU need. 

Not every marine towing business operates the exact same way. Off-the-shelf software is really meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, it can’t adequately address your business and your own unique workflows.

Building a custom application means the software is designed around your business model and your desired workflows, rather than forcing you to adjust your business model and workflows around the software.

Additionally, when your company grows or your business needs shift, custom software can be quickly adapted to address those changes. Off-the-shelf software, however, typically cannot without spending 10s or even 100s of thousands of dollars. Even then, the time frame could be years to get the solution you need.

With custom software, new modifications can generally be made in days or weeks depending upon complexity, and the costs can be nominal compared to the pains of living with off-the-shelf software inefficiencies. 

If you’d like more information or are interested in exploring the possibilities that custom software or custom mobile applications can bring to your company, contact us today to schedule a free workflow consultation.