The Top 3 Ingredients of a Successful Ecommerce App 

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2020 arguably caused the fastest digital shift the world has ever seen.

With a large portion of brick-and-mortar stores forced to close during lockdown, selling online became essential for businesses to survive.

Whether you started your ecommerce app during COVID or are just now considering jumping on the bandwagon, you must understand the necessary ingredients in order to stand out and be successful.

1. User-centric design

Your entire app’s design should be centered around the user, making it easy for them to navigate and find the products they’re looking for. A user-centric design typically consists of a branded color scheme, simple navigation, and minimal page elements. These components will be essential to getting anyone to even consider downloading and buying from your ecommerce app.

2. Simplified experience

With user attention span at an all time low and competition at an all time high, it’s never been more important for an app to have an easy-to-use interface.

Providing a simplified user experience will help make the ordering process quicker, hold your consumers’ attention, and provide them with a satisfactory checkout process. This will increase the chances that they’ll reorder from you in the future and recommend your app to friends/family.   

3. Reliable checkout

As a business owner, you should expect to have to prove your trustworthiness. Just because someone is searching for your product online doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ready or willing to buy just yet.

There’s a pretty big difference between researchers and actual customers. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable buying things online–especially from smaller websites that aren’t as popular as the big beasts like Amazon.

This is exceptionally true for older users that might be skeptical or unfamiliar with this type of consumerism (yes, Grandma, I’m talking about you). 

Fortunately, gaining consumer trust is fairly simple. It all starts with social proof. 

By gently sprinkling good reviews from real customers across your app and social media, even the most cynical people will start to see that they can trust your company. 

Once you’ve roped them in, you’ll need to keep them on the hook with a reliable checkout process. Your consumers are expecting this transaction experience to be a seamless extension of the brand they now trust. 

Amazon does this flawlessly. Their app is almost identical to their website (which is necessary to avoid user confusion), incorporates personalization, and is mobile responsive.

A high-quality app built by a professional is the best way to attract and maintain customers. At Bizzuka, we specialize in building custom apps and software with a simplified user experience, a customer-centric design, and a reliable checkout to save you time and money. Schedule a free consultation with one of our professional developers today!