Top 7 Mistakes People Make Using LinkedIn Ads 

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Did you know that in 2020, LinkedIn experienced a 55% increase in news feed interactions, a 60% increase in posts, and a 40% increase in overall time users spent reading the news section?

These impressive statistics are what make LinkedIn an ideal ad platform for B2B business owners.

A well-planned LinkedIn ad campaign is the key to helping other businesses discover your product or service–so long as you avoid making these top 7 mistakes.

1. Not focusing on building relationships

LinkedIn content offers can help build relationships and capture a more qualified lead compared to advertisers who focus on “driving leads.”

Using LinkedIn to post interesting content, like white papers and eBooks, can generate much higher engagement. When you make your marketing feel more like matchmaking, it builds a lasting relationship that’s essential to converting leads and building trust.

Without these lasting relationships, your business will lack authority among potential customers and therefore struggle to get conversions.

2. Never changing your creative

LinkedIn ads are designed to only be viewed by LinkedIn members who have expressed interest in similar content.

If your click through rate starts to steadily drop, or you notice that your cost per click is climbing, this is a good indication that your ad is no longer catching the attention of your audience.

You can improve your existing campaign’s relevance score and re-engage your audience by simply changing out images and ad copy.   

3. Using headlines that are too long

LinkedIn may give you more room for a headline than Google Ads, but don’t use that as an excuse to ramble.

Keep your headlines under 150 characters and descriptive copy under 70 (anything over 100 will be cut off). Don’t forget to include a clear CTA such as “Download Report” in your description.

If you need additional space, consider adding text to your images.

4. Having a poor mobile experience 

LinkedIn mobile usage is increasing. That being said, you need to ensure that your ads have a properly responsive landing page and that any forms can be easily completed on a phone or tablet.

To avoid running into mobile issues, try using LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms. This will allow you to build contact forms inside of the app. These forms generate higher conversion rates than third-party forms, and are also more likely to capture business emails.

5. Choosing the wrong audience size

When it comes to LinkedIn ads, your audience size can make or break the success of a campaign.

It’s tempting to try to target an extremely specific group so that you don’t waste money on unqualified leads. However, too small of an audience means that no one will see what you are promoting.

You want your posts to be seen by as many people as possible in relevant fields. A good rule of thumb is to target between 15,000 and 100,000 members within a specified field. Otherwise, you risk generating unqualified leads or receiving poor click-through rates.

6. Not testing enough

If you don’t test your ads, not only do you fail to learn anything, but you are placing all of your eggs in one basket (which never ends well).

To lower this risk and ensure that at least two ads perform better than the others, try running tests for key variables such as headlines, copy, and images. Once results are consistent after 2-4 weeks, pause the least effective ad and replace it with a new test.

7. Having an outdated company page

Sponsored content ads will often lead to a member clicking on your company page.

Your page must be current, accurate, informative, and populated with relevant content–otherwise, you will lose credibility and turn away relevant leads.

Running a successful ad campaign on LinkedIn requires lots of patience and marketing knowledge. Leave it to the professionals at Bizzuka to help you manage your social media and generate more leads. Schedule a free strategy call with us today for expert advice on setting up your LinkedIn ads and overall social media plan!