Major Updates You Need to be Aware of When Creating Your Google Ads Strategy for the Holidays 

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It’s finally the holiday season, and many businesses are starting to see an uptick in customers. The holidays don’t just mean increased traffic; they also mean increased competition. 

This is why it’s important to really understand what you’re doing when it comes to Google Ads. 

Google has made some major updates recently, and it’s vital to comprehend how these changes will affect your strategy during this holiday season.

1. Managing and optimizing conversions

If you’re looking to boost your conversions, this update will be extremely beneficial to your campaigns. As of last month, Google allows you to optimize your objectives at the campaign level. 

This is key to helping you reach your conversion goals efficiently. These preset actions will allow you to create a clearer picture of where you want your business to go and allow you to watch the change happen in real time.

To best utilize this new feature, you’ll want to play around with the following tools:

Conversion value

Google answered our prayers by recognizing how difficult it can be for users to grasp the meaning behind unpredictable changes in conversion value. They’ve finally updated their Smart Bidding tool to help users make sense of these shifts that occur while optimizing campaigns. 

Tag assistant

Google’s tag assistant support tool is a great way to tell whether your conversion tags are working properly. It will alert you in real time of any unverified conversion actions, inactive tags, or pending conversions.

2. Display campaigns

Google has also made its standard display campaigns more flexible. Now that Smart Display campaigns can be automated into a single display campaign, your performance and reach can be amplified.

If you’re skilled enough to toy around with the advanced version of Google Ads, you’ll also notice a tab for campaign construction experience. In this tab, you’ll receive step-by-step help with every part of your campaign.

3. Budget reports

Navigating budget behavior in Google Ads used to be a pain. Fortunately, they answered our prayers again with new budget reports.

If you’re looking to keep a tighter leash on your campaign spend, this new feature will be extremely helpful. The report breaks down your set spend limits, monthly spend forecast, and average daily budget to help you surpass your budget goals. It also records your average daily budget in previous months as well as its impact on your overall performance.

4. Smart bidding

Google’s new smart bidding feature lets you track the tiniest ripples in customer behavior. It automatically distinguishes between if a customer is interested in an in-store visit or more likely to purchase online.

You’ll be able to see any changes in their behavior in real time, which will allow you to enhance bids for ecommerce sales or in-store purchases.

Although we’ve only highlighted a few of the major updates, these are some key changes that all businesses should be aware of when creating their Google Ads strategy. Stay ahead of the competition and make sure your business is one step closer to success this holiday season!

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