Using SEO to Boost Your eCommerce Store During COVID 

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It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic disrupted our lives and permanently changed our way of living.

And unfortunately, there’s no end in sight.

Each day, market and consumer habits continue to shift, and because your customers’ needs are incessantly fluctuating, their searches are changing too.

If you didn’t have an eCommerce site before the pandemic, chances are that you do now in order to adapt to the sudden surge in online shopping.

Buffing up your SEO knowledge and implementation is the first step to building a solid foundation for your eCommerce store.

SEO isn’t one of those things you can set once, leave it, and never look at it again. It requires constant finessing and frequent adjustments in order to keep up with your consumers.

A lot of your keywords may no longer serve your business or drive customers to you. Even though you’ve already spent so much money and time developing your current shortlist of keywords, you’ll most likely need to redo it.

We recommend using Google Trends, Google Search Console, and SEMRush to assist you in realigning your marketing content to be more beneficial for your customers.

The Difference Between Online Stores and Brick and Mortar 

Some could argue that the online market is more competitive than brick and mortar. In order to stand out on the web, your eCommerce store needs to better reflect your customers’ current needs and provide them with a better online experience.

For example, a lot of sites reference COVID-19 global updates and provide valuable, knowledge-based resources. Some have introduced products to help fight against the pandemic, like we have here at Bizzuka with cloth face masks and temperature screening kiosks.

You can also incorporate valuable resources in tandem with your products. For example, a kitchenware store offering customers free access to easy, healthy recipes to boost their immune systems during quarantine.

When times get tough and budgets get tighter, marketing (specifically SEO) is one of the first items to get cut.

This is a HUGE mistake.

Visibility is essential for you to be found on the web and for your site to gain traffic–especially when people are at home spending most of their time on the Internet.

Continue to implement your PPC, paid promotions, and content marketing. Cutting them could easily force you down a path where permanent closure is imminent.

It also pays to humanize.

Show an understanding of your customers’ situations and needs by reducing costs with bundling offers, which can easily be highlighted in your SEO strategy.

Consider giving away some products for free. Not only can this substantially boost your traffic and conversion rate, but people will remember and appreciate this level of authenticity and community far after the pandemic is over.

Visibility matters, and at its core lies SEO and all of its glory. SEO targets quality traffic, increases your organic ranking so you don’t have to pay for ads, and helps you easily move ahead of the competition. For help creating your SEO strategy and managing your eCommerce store, schedule a free strategy call with Bizzuka.