4 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2022 

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Is your website ready for 2022? 

You may feel like the answer is “yes,” but if you haven’t made any changes since last year, your website is outdated.

Fortunately, you can get on the right track by following these 4 web development trends for 2022.

1. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

In recent years, Google has begun placing more value on the mobile experience of websites. More specifically, by launching AMPs to aid websites in loading faster on mobile devices, all the while offering a smooth browsing experience.

Utilizing AMPs will be crucial for your website going into 2022. The average difference in loading speeds between AMPs and non-AMPs is 20 seconds. This time could be the difference between a conversion and a frustrated user who exits before the page even loads. It will also greatly affect your search engine rankings.

2. Enhancing Cyber Security

The risk of cybercrime is constantly increasing–especially as our reliance on technology becomes more prevalent. DDoS attacks, in particular, have doubled as of recent, resulting in unplanned downtimes and a major loss of revenue.

To protect your assets, you’ll need to conduct a vulnerability assessment and start using multi-factor authentication and VPNs.

3. Taking Advantage of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Forbes, Twitter, Alibaba, and several other leading companies are currently leveraging progressive web apps to help maximize conversions and increase page speed.

This is because PWAs give users a more native experience while surfing the web by providing a great deal of aesthetic appeal and a broad spectrum of functionality.

This market is rapidly growing, and with good reason. To put things into perspective, in five years, the PWA market is anticipated to reach $10.44 billion–a nearly ten-fold increase from its $1.13 billion value in 2019.

4. Utilizing Voice Search Optimization

With the development of Alexa and other voice-operated devices in recent years, voice search optimization has become increasingly important.

Last year, over 30% of web searches were done using voice. This year, voice commerce sales are estimated to hit $40 billion. Compare that to the $1.8 billion in sales from 2020, and it’s easy to see why voice search optimization is so important for your business.

Now that you’re aware of the top web development trends to expect in 2022, it’s time to start implementing them. Not sure where to start? Recruit the help of our professional developers at Bizzuka today!